Station group SEO optimization

I have not done a station group myself, but I have been observing several English website groups for two or three years. Without exception, these stations are from the top ten of the monopoly keywords two or three years ago, and now the best in Google and Yahoo is only one website ranked in the top 20, others can not find Arrived.

Analysis of these stations, there are several places to focus on SEO optimization.

Try to conceal the station group

I find that in most cases, search engines don’t give a good ranking to the same person or multiple websites of the same company under the same keyword.

If the search engine finds that many stations belong to the same person or company, even if the optimization is good, only a good ranking for a website. If the station group is doing too much, maybe this one will not be spared.

So think of ways to hide the relationship between the station groups. The domain name WHOIS information uses different names, different addresses, different emails, websites placed on different servers, different IP addresses, and try not to put the same contact address on the website, phone. Try not to use the toolbar, and don’t put these sites in the same Google Sitemaps account.

Do not cross links between station groups

It is easy to link all of these sites when doing a group, and hope that these stations will get a good ranking, and PR can be passed between stations.

However, it is easy to expose everyone in the station group and it is easy to be judged as a link factory.

You should choose a website as the main website, other websites link to this main website, but do not link between other secondary websites, and concentrate the energy of these websites on the main website.

Website content is different

I find that many people like to use exactly the same website content on multiple domain names, which is very inappropriate.

It is recommended to choose a main website, and other websites will do 301 to the main website. This situation will not be treated as a station group, nor will it have the effect of a station group, but it can play a role in protecting related domain names.

If you want to make these domain names a station group, there must be a difference in content. For example, if the main website is about a car, then you can do a series of stations, one for writing tires, one for writing engines, and one for writing accessories. These groups of related content are linked to the main website in the appropriate places.

Because the content is different, it will not be treated as a copy. And multiple link effects from the same website do not have good links from different domain names. These content-related but different domain names can play a very good role in supporting the main website.

Although I personally do not tend to use the way of standing as a group, but if the station group is doing well, it can still have a good effect.

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