Some explanations of black hat gray hat SEO

Finally, make some explanations.

1) In the post about buying a website, a friend said that the general person bought it? A few million dollars in budget is a fantasy.

What I have to answer is, of course. This is not something that most people can do, but it does not mean that no one can do it. It is impossible for an ordinary webmaster like us to achieve that level in terms of budget and work structure. But is there no such industry? Everyone can think about it in the direction of “very yellow and very violent”, so I won’t say much.

The content of the post should also be able to guess, and it is certainly not selling tea to sell clothes. If you can use creativity to market, then of course it is good, but some industries can’t…

2) No matter what kind of black hat gray hat, even white hat SEO, the reason is the same, the operation method is ever-changing. The example I can give is just a general idea, operational, and changeable.

I personally did not try these black hat techniques, just to see or hear them. To be honest, judging from the black hat gray hats that I heard, many high-end black hats are very smart.

3) It is also the most important point. The reason why I write a few black hat SEO posts is just to make the readers know more complete. Tools can help both people and people. A lot of things can be used in good terms, but also in bad aspects. The key is to use people.

I write a black hat, and I am not encouraging readers to do black hats. On the contrary, I always hope that my readers will be able to stay away from the black hat grey hat SEO. Aside from what I said before, there are several reasons for the long-term consideration.

Do unto others, do not impose on others. In daily life, everyone has the most basic moral standards. However, due to the nature of the Internet, online performance is often quite different from that of offline. The network is very polite, and the Internet is screaming. It seems that the situation of personality splitting is very common. But do we have to do this for people who do websites? Sending spam links, bloggers are jealous of you, and people who send rubbish are really flawless? Do black hats hurt the customer’s website, and people who provide SEO services will have no jealousy?

Some things that don’t interfere with others, don’t bother users, can be experimented. Something that is really annoying, or dangerous, you must think twice before thinking twice.

And Skynet is restored, not leaking. Being honest and always being the most practical. Not being caught today, it does not mean that next year, ten years later will not be caught. On the Internet, creating information is easy and eliminating information is difficult. Many people who have ever done a black hat and have spawned rubbish have now regretted it and began to sigh. It is easy to send it when it is made, but it is never possible to eliminate the crime. The evidence is stored on someone else’s web page and exists in the search engine’s database. Do you know which day will break out?

I have seen many employers check the employees’ past on the Internet. Some male and female friends have found some confusing details on the Internet. A few days ago I saw an interesting report. A person who was doing rafting adventures pretended to be in danger of rafting and his wife went to receive insurance compensation. Of course, this person has never really appeared. The funny thing is that someone searched Google and found out that the couple had taken photos of them at a tourist attraction after that incident. The result is plain.

So people who want to be black hats really have to think about it. Can you really be so calm? I didn’t think that the evidence might stay on the Internet forever.

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