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  1. What is software?

The term software is an English word, which has been taken by other languages ​​such as Spanish to refer to certain applications in computing . This term designates the computer software of a computer , as opposed to the physical aspects of it.

The software is composed of a set of programs that are designed to fulfill a certain function within a system, whether they are carried out by users or by the same corporations dedicated to computing.

The concept of software, as we said before, makes up the logical part of a computer system , allowing it to function. This means, then, that not only are the programs a software, but also that the information of the user and the data processed make up the software, since all intangible and non-physical components are part of it.

(SOFTWARE – or programs – is the set of electronic instructions for controlling computer hardware. Some Programs exist for the Computer to use them as support for the management of their own tasks and devices. Other Programs exist for the Computer to service the User. For example, the creation of electronic documents that are printed.)

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  1. Main types of software

app software
app software: An application software is designed to perform one or more tasks at a time.
  • System software :This group classifies the programs that give the user the ability to relate to thesystem, to then exercise control over thehardware. The system software is also offered as support for other programs. Examples:operating systems, servers, etc.
  • Programming software : Programs directly designed as tools that allow a programmer to develop computer programs. They influence in their use different techniques used andspecific programming language . Examples: compilers, multimedia editors, etcetera.
  • Application software :Programs designed to carry out one or more specific tasks at the same time, being able to be automated or assisted. Examples: videogames, office applications, etcetera.

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