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Shareit Download“SHAREit” is an application developed by Technologies Co. Ltd. Allows people to share files, videos, photos, documents, audio files and Various applications. Transferring data through reliable channels at faster speeds is preferred by any day-to-day user of modern technology. Fortunately, not only can do this, but there is more to it.

Share it Apk It is available on Android, Windows and iOS, making it suitable for a large number of people and devices around the world.

Apk Shareit application for PC is a major innovation in data transfer between different devices. It fully performs the work of DVD, CD and USB, freeing people from the problem of maintaining DVD, CD and USB, and is better, more reliable and more convenient.

How does Share it work?

Download Shareit Apk for PC is used for point-to-point exchange. It uses Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth or a traditional Internet connection, which is 500 times faster than Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi Direct function means that different devices can be connected without the help of a wireless access point. This means users can transfer large files containing data stored in gigabytes without using a standard data connection.

If you look at this phenomenon in terms of how a standard access point connection works, it is easy to understand this phenomenon. You can connect one device to another via Wi-Fi without using a wireless access point.

How to Download SHAREit for Mobile and PC?

To download and install SHARE it you would have to follow three simple steps. Share is the fastest cross-platform app for Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Share it allows you to transfer videos, music, files, and applications from one device to another.

Supports: Windows 10 version 10586.0 or higher, Windows 8 Mobile
Language: English, Indonesian, Bengali, Russian, Chinese
License: Freeware
Developer: SHAREit Technologies Ltd‬

Downloading SHAREit – Transfer & Share 6.1.78

Free direct download. The original and safe Shareit – Transfer & Share Apk file without any mod. If you want to send a file from a mobile phone to a PC, you must first open the application on the PC and open SHAREit on the mobile phone at the same time. To send the file from your phone to your PC, click “Send”. From there, you can select any photo, video, application or audio file you want to send.

  • After selecting the file to send, click “Send” and wait.
  • The application can find nearby devices, but the default SHAREit setting for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows is to search only Android devices, so you must select the “Connect to iOS” option or the “Connect to Windows” depending on your PC Used operating system.
  • After the scan starts, you will see available PCs nearby, and you can connect to your PC from there.
  • When you click on the PC shown on the radar, you will immediately see a pop-up window on the PC screen asking you to obtain permission to connect to your phone.
  • After you click OK, the file will start transferring from your phone to your PC immediately.

Similarly, when both devices are connected, you can send files from PC to phone. If you wish, you can also connect to your PC using your mobile phone’s QR code scanner.

How to Download Shareit Apk?

The application itself is completely free for Android, Windows, and iOS and wherever it is released. Some people will call it very cheap. When you start using SHAREit, data transfer and storage will be easy. Imagine you don’t have enough space on your phone, but the data is too important to delete. SHAREit’s delivery speed is usually very high, but sometimes users also often face very low delivery speeds. There are many reasons why this happens.

  • The distance between paired devices has a large influence on the file transfer rate.
  • A longer distance means a weak signal, and a weak signal means a slower data transfer rate.
  • Running too many applications in the background during a file transfer can also slow down the transfer speed.
  • Multiple applications running at the same time will affect the device’s RAM, reduce processing speed, and ultimately reduce the data transfer rate.

Excessive Wi-Fi signals in the background will also slow down the transmission speed. A large number of background Wi-Fi signals will interfere with data transmission and slow down speed.

SHAREit for PC Windows

SHAREit for PC Windows works as a cross-platform and can transfer any type of data (audio, video, document, GIF, etc.) from mobile devices to mobile devices and from mobile devices to PC. The free technology used by 1 billion users transfers data 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Wireless applications can share files between your PC and other devices without an Internet connection. Without security and privacy issues, you can save your content directly to your system instead of in the cloud.

A great way to share data is to use different formats to transfer files. Use SHAREit offline installer for PC, it’s cool and fast.

File Sharing with SHAREit

The file sharing process is carried out through a direct connection between the two devices. When the device is directly connected to the device, the file transfer speed can reach 20MB / sec, even if the transfer of large files only takes a few seconds.

To share files, you only need a direct connection between the two devices, which is really easy for both devices (eg Android and Android), but it is quite complicated cross-platform, you need to create of an access point Connecting to others can join devices, but since you can share files in minutes without losing quality, it’s all worth it.

Features of SHAREit

  • 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology.
  • Transfer rate upto 20 MB/sec.
  • Transfer supports all files, photos, music, videos and apps.
  • Pre-integrated video player to stream in HD (supports all video format).
  • Listen to high quality music both online and offline.
  • Personalize by downloading GIF, Wallpapers and Stickers.

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