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What is the “dao” of SEO? Is it really simple and straightforward? I said that forty is not confusing, I have been for forty years, and I have been doing SEO for so many years, in fact, I am still confused. The first two days to see He Bing’s chat at the round table gave me a feeling of enlightenment.

So - the drama tea houseWe all know that there is such a saying that actors playing on the stage are more enjoyable than movies and TV. Some even say that they are more testable because the audience will have real-time feedback and communication. When He Binggang graduated from the art, he knew that the old predecessors were so powerful, but it was not so clear in the end. Look at the performance, there is no applause, no laughter, often after the age of the big mistakes on the stage, so where is it?

Many years later, He Bingwu came to the masters of such a great thing: never let the audience. There is no need to have applause. The old gentleman doesn’t really care about this (this is not the same thing as disrespecting the audience and not paying attention to the audience). It is to play one’s own and to do what you should do, in the way that you think is right. Finished.

Although I realized this, most people still can’t do it. He Bing said frankly that he couldn’t do such a heart when he was performing. When he didn’t respond, he felt guilty, unconsciously still wants feedback, wants to hear applause, or consciously and unconsciously please the audience. Only once, because of chance, I experienced a five-minute performance without distracting performance.

There is a stage in the drama “Wotou Hall”, and He Bing wants to throw a bottle of wine and then throw it down. Once I accidentally didn’t throw the bottle away, I lost my hand. When I fell, my hand was cut, my blood flowed like a note, and Song Dandan, who was playing the game, was very nervous. I had to pull the curtain urgently. He Bing didn’t matter, continue to play. .

In the next few minutes, He Bing experienced the feeling of being “cool and cool” on the stage. He sat down and said the lines, because there was no chance to please the audience, and there was no chance to show how good I was. Now, I don’t want to shake my mind anymore. I don’t have any burden. After quietly speaking, I will call the curtain, stitch the needle, and go home.

In the words of Dou Wentao, this is what He Bing glimpsed into the realm of no desire and no desire. He Bing’s mentality at the time was that after the performance, he had no other requirements.

“After the performance is completed, it seems that the standard is quite low, but it is the “dao” that cannot be pursued.

SEO’s “Tao” is also the case, do not please the search engine, or even please the user, the reader, do not shake the spirit, do not force too much, I will be steady to do what I should do, write what I want to say .

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