SEO: Do you want to wear a white hat or a black hat?

In the search engine optimization industry, people call cheating, called black hats, and use legitimate legal means to optimize websites called white hats.

I just checked the black hat SEO in Google, and there are only two hundred results. It seems that the word has not been spread in China for some reason.

In general terms, all use of cheating or suspicious means can be called black hat SEO. For example, spam links, hidden pages, bridge pages, keyword stuffing, etc.

In the past year or two, the most typical Black Hat search engine optimization is to use a program to crawl many search results from other categories or search engines to make a web page, and then put Google Adsense on these pages. The number of these pages is not hundreds of thousands, but tens oof thousands So even if most of the pages are not ranked high, but because of the huge number of pages, there will still be users entering the site, and click on Google Adsense ads.

Let us not talk about whether black hat SEO is moral, I think more is a business model and lifestyle choice.

White Hat SEO, like me, may feel like using black hat technology to get rankings and profits, but after a while, the website will be blocked and you have to go back to another website. Why not use a white hat to do a healthy, really useful website for people?

The White Hat website doesn’t have to worry about being blocked by search engines. You can also be proud to say that this website is mine. After ten or twenty years, this website is still bringing you profit, why not?

But from the perspective of black hat SEO, they also have their reasons. Because most of the black hat SEO is a program, they create tens of thousands of pages, effortless, just put their spiders out to grab. Even if their website was punished in a few months, he might have earned tens of thousands of dollars. For him, the return on investment is still quite high.

A white hat SEO is more concerned with long-term interests, that is, two years and three years, even after ten years and eight years. It should be said that if you insist on not using cheating, stick to it for ten years, no surprise, your website should get good traffic. With traffic, you have a profit (if you have traffic, but don’t know how to turn it into profit, then you should review the plan when you built the station).

When your website has a stable profitability ten years later, your dependence on search engines is much smaller. You don’t have to spend so much time on your website every day, your website will automatically bring a steady stream of traffic.

Standing on the stand of the black hat SEO, this strategy of long-term loss of big fish, even if it is correct, some people are not willing to do so. Seriously building a website is sometimes a boring thing. You have to write content, do research, do analysis traffic, analyse seuser browsing paths, and communicate with users.

Black hat SEO is much simpler to do. Buy a domain name, you can even use a free virtual host, even the domain name is saved. Once the program is open, put the Adsense code, leave some comments to other guestbooks or blogs (these messages may also be automatically generated by the program), and then wait for the check to be received.

And Black Hat SEO has an undeniable argument: you can’t guarantee full compliance with the rules of the search engine, you can get a website that is valued by search engines after ten years of use. Who knows when a search engine will make a big change to its algorithm and let thousands of white-hat sites disappear from search engines?

Black Hat SEO’s short-and-fast method of making money also has its advantages.

Therefore, let alone the moral concept, the choice of black hat and white hat SEO is more about the choice of their own lifestyle and business model. Are you taking the time and effort to build a long-term healthy business? Still making a quick and easy money, but risking being blocked at any time?

The choice of lifestyle I am talking about here is based on the premise that the black hats are completely aware of what they are doing. But what is worrying is that when I recently looked at Chinese search engines and online marketing forums, I found that many people are not aware of the high risks involved in black hat technology, but for some reason, they are constantly using these technologies.

Choosing Black Hat SEO is your choice when you know the risks clearly. But the use of black hat technology is a sneak peek, but it is the beginning of a nightmare.

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