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When writing web page copywriting, you should usually consider the effects of search engine optimization. There are several general principles.

1) The entire site’s articles are targeted at a variety of relevant but relevant keywords, which helps search engines refine the theme of the site.

2) The writing of each article targets the main keywords, but needs the support of other related words.

3) The article must also conform to the reader’s habits, and cannot be keywords for keywords.

For example, the search engine optimization training post, since it is an experiment, made some considerations when writing. Most of the posts don’t take into account so much. They are considered when special needs are needed, otherwise they are too tired.

In order to optimize the word “search engine optimization training”, from the theme of the entire website, search engine optimization is undoubtedly the theme of my blog, no special consideration.

The word “training” is basically irrelevant to other posts, and it is impossible to strengthen the word in other posts. Therefore, in this post, special consideration is given to how to strengthen the relevance of the word training. This kind of reinforcement is not a few more trainings, but through other related terms.

What words are related to training?

I thought of this at the time: teacher, student, theory, skill, master, apprentice, exam, practice, school, teacher, education, etc. These words should be more relevant in the eyes of search engines due to semantic analysis. Then when writing a post, it is necessary to conform these words to the logic to fit the grammar.

For example, this sentence, “Of course, Master leads the door, practice in the individual, a lot of practice is the final test of the apprentice.” From the content of the whole post, it can be considered dispensable, but from the perspective of copywriting optimization Said that it was deliberately added.

For example, this sentence, “Old comrades educate us to practice is the standard for testing truth, I want to be an experiment.” In fact, this sentence can also be directly shortened into “I want to be an experiment.” But the word “education” was not put in place elsewhere, and I remembered the relevant slogan. Putting it here can use both the relevant vocabulary and the natural way I want to make an experiment.

The second half of the post focuses on words that are tied to SEO.

In fact, from the whole post, the frequency of “search engine optimization training” is not very high, but with the help of other support vocabulary, the experimental results are not bad.

To avoid misunderstanding, two instructions:

1) The SEO considerations of the copy are still secondary, and the most important thing is to have something to say, just like any other writing.

2) Please understand carefully, this is not the same as keyword stuffing.

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