SEO between right and wrong

In fact, I think that the SEO technique is a black hat or a white hat. You should not look at how the search engine judges, but whether it is worthy of your own conscience. Has it touched the moral bottom line? Some things have nothing to do with SEO, search engine rankings, but purely wicked things, that is, black hats, can’t do. Some search engines certainly don’t want you to do it, but they don’t care who they are, they can’t hesitate when they need it, even if they do.

Like the fake news a few days ago , in fact, for search engines, is such news different in terms of article relevance, importance and even entertainment, and April Fool’s jokes? It seems that there is no. But it touched a moral bottom line. Should I take the risk of taking the customer’s website? Should I lie to the link?

Another example is the paid link issue. One of the most important things that Google has been communicating with SEOs in the past year is to crack down on paid links. People who actually do the website don’t have to use Google’s position as the ultimate basis for buying or not buying links. The sale and purchase of links was previously called online advertising, and it has been around for many years before Google was born. Buyers and sellers, I love, sell the link to get cash, buy links to get traffic and brand. There is nothing wrong with this, it does not hinder anyone, and it will not cause any harm to the user. So as long as the conditions permit, even do it.

Of course, if you buy a link and simply hold the idea for ranking, it is another matter. If the sale and purchase of the link is to be used as an advertisement, if the ranking has a promotion effect, it is a red envelope.

Let’s take another opposite example. Search engines think that it is a hidden page of cheating , you must not do it? In fact, hidden pages can also be used in a place of justice. Everyone is disgusted with online plagiarism collection, and hidden pages can also be used to violently and to achieve justice. Through procedures or even manual research to find out the maliciously collected IP addresses and program features, then all normal users and normal search engines return normal results, and these maliciously collected programs return a set of sinful results, such as containing some Anyone who is not willing to put something on their website…

The programs that collect and plagiarize other websites are hugely generated, and few people will look at what they have collected on their websites. It is not evil to give them something that will lead to punishment or even more serious consequences.

Therefore, between SEO and evil , it is only the difference between one’s own thoughts. There is no right or wrong in the technique itself, but why should the webmaster do it? Is it because of the premise of harming others? Still mutual benefit?

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