SEO also needs specific analysis

As with everything, SEO is also a specific analysis of specific issues, there is no one-size-fits-all skills. Analysis and sharing posts written by others are usually only explained from a certain perspective. Unless it’s a book, it’s hard to be comprehensive in the blog, and the analysis is very comprehensive.

Just like the example that this member asked, my post’s point of view is to try to choose a secondary directory, which will help the scale of the whole station to expand and the weight increase. Kyw’s point of view is to take a separate domain name or sub-domain name, which has a higher natural weight and is better than the directory.

These two statements are actually true. If you want to do something about a website, you have to analyse the situation of the website in detail. You can’t copy what a person said at one time.

As I mentioned in the posts in the secondary directory and subdomains, in some cases, it is more appropriate to take a subdomain. such as:

1) The content of the website is sufficient, and the content covered under each sub-domain is enough to become an independent website. There are many such websites, such as portals. The content of any channel like Sina Sohu is much larger than most websites.

2) Sub-domains of different countries under the same company are beneficial to establish their own brands. Moreover, the content of the websites under each branch is likely to be maintained by the branch offices of different countries, and there is not much relationship between the text contents.

3) The company has different product lines, and there is little connection between them, or they are completely different brands. At this time, every brand or product line, it is natural to use a separate domain name. For example, almost every car company, every brand and even every model, is likely to have its own independent brand and website. The same is true for mobile phone companies.

4) Classified information websites, different cities use different subdomains. Such classified information websites usually have a large amount of data, and the content of a certain province or city can stand alone. Moreover, the classification of different cities and provinces is likely to have different development goals and different arrangements, and management is also operated by different teams.

In these cases, you should use a separate domain name or subdomain.

Sometimes you have to look at other situations. For example, if the target search engine is Baidu, it is more advantageous to use a separate domain name. Because I found that Baidu gave the domain name a high weight. In contrast, Google gives roughly the same chance for secondary directories and even deeper directory pages. If you are doing an English web page and adopting a directory structure, there will be no obvious disadvantages.

For another example, the competition of target keywords is high or low. In general, it is very likely that the directory structure will be used to achieve the purpose of ranking. However, when the competition is relatively high, the people who promote it is also determined to be very big and must be ranked. Of course, the adoption of the new website is more advantageous. Like my blog, although I want to put online marketing, e-commerce and other words up, the competition is not small, but it does not matter, and there is no need to be determined and necessary, so there is no need to build a new station.

The same is true of all other SEO techniques. The circumstances and angles to be considered must be comprehensive, and one factor cannot be separated.

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