Search engine optimization steps

Most of the content in the search engine optimization process has been touched in previous posts, so today make a summary, connected to the previous post, to facilitate reading system optimization for search engine optimization.

First of all, if it is a new station, first do a market research and find out what you should sell. Find what the user needs, or the problem to solve, and then develop the product or find the product source on this basis.

Then register an appropriate domain name.

Before you start to do a website, you must have a general understanding of the industry and competitors, and you have a good idea of ​​how much work to do. If you are providing SEO services to others, you must educate your customers and determine your price structure. Understand the customer’s website profit model and conduct a health diagnosis of the customer’s existing website.

Next, we should conduct keyword research, find those keywords with large search volume and small competition, and do the distribution of key keywords and long tail keywords.

Prior to hands-on design sites, first think those good website should have content, specific columns in advance to plan well in advance of the page content should also be planned.

When designing a website, make sure that the structure of the website is reasonable, the URL is static, and the second-level domain name or directory is considered in advance.

Website design should also have some scalability.

When designing each specific web page, pay attention to the natural placement of keywords in places that should be placed.

The writing of website content should also consider stemming techniques and semantic analysis.

Traffic statistics on the website are also required.

Look for a stable hosting service provider and open a website. It is best to have a certain size on the website when it is opened.

After the website is opened, you need to start the establishment of the link. Links need not only quantity, but also quality. The link text will also change. The link increase speed is controlled.

Don’t cheat.

The general principle of optimization is nature and balance.

In general, the new domain name will stay in the Google sandbox for a few months, or even up to a year. During this period, we must carefully observe the traffic statistics of the website. On the one hand, we look at the inclusion and ranking of Baidu Yahoo. On the one hand, we find more keyword expansion content from the traffic statistics.

At the same time, during the time when the website is in the sandbox, the content of the website can be continuously increased, and the expansion of the website should not be too fast.

After the website has a certain ranking in each search engine, it is necessary to observe the difference between the top and the top.

The search engine ranking algorithm is constantly changing, so you need to pay attention and adjust the SEO strategy in time.

The above is just a basic general process, and there are many things that can’t be embodied in SEO techniques. For example, user behaviour patterns, social search, etc., these require long-term accumulation and experience.

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