What is programming? Definition, Examples, Computer Programming

We explain what programming is and some examples of this term. In addition, what is computer programming.

  1. What is programming?

It refers to the effect of programming, that is, of organizing a sequence of ordered steps to follow to do a certain thing . This term can be used in many contexts, for example: ” We are going to schedule an exit for this long weekend ” or ” The programming of that television channel is well accomplished .”

It is common to talk about it such as: an exit, a vacation or a city ​​tour when we want to refer to setting up itineraries of places to visit, meet or people to meet; Thus, the term is also widely used to refer to the list of programs with their days and times of broadcasting of television channels , the list of films of a cinema or the works of a theater.

  1. Computer Programming

The computer programming allows to work the software of the computer equipment.

In the field of computer science , it refers to the action of creating programs or applications , through the development of a source code, which is based on the set of instructions that the computer follows to execute a program .

These instructions are written in programming language that are then translated into a machine language, which can be interpreted and executed by the hardware of the equipment (physical part of the equipment). The source code is created, designed, coded, debugged and maintained through programming, where the main objective to achieve is to develop systems that are effective, accessible and pleasant or friendly to the user .

Computer programs usually follow algorithms , which are the set of instructions that are organized and related to each other in a certain way and that allow to reach the solution of a problem , and which in turn contain smaller modules that give you finer details . All this on a scale of great complexity is part of the computer programming that allows to work to the computer equipment software and which is usually carried out by technicians or systems engineers.

At the beginning of the development of computer programming, very basic and limited machine languages ​​were used as the binary system (use of numbers 0 and 1 in different combinations); later languages ​​began to emerge that made use of word codes , and then, much more complex sets of algorithms that were called high-level languages.

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