Parts of an email address with definition and detail

We explain that what are the parts of an email address? The electronic address or web address is the full name of Internet pages and is used to find the server, the directories and the subdirectories in which the data and information that need to be found are located. parts of an email address

The electronic addresses are composed of a protocol called Hypertet Transfer Protocol and in its acronym HTTP, of forward slashes of URLs and other elements. Each of these is part of the other because with the absence of some of them and when doing a web search, the server would throw an error.

When the electronic address is entered, the main characteristic of the page is the interactivity, the exchange and sound of messages with the public such as comments, questions and concerns and graphic design combined with multimedia. The website covers all company data so the user can make contact with them. parts of an email address

parts of an email addressParts and Elements of an Electronic Address

WWW (World Wide Web (World Pages)parts of an email address

This means World Wide Web, it is translated into Spanish as the World Wide Web. These letters symbolize the logical search and access system used by electronic addresses.


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a hypertext transfer protocol, it tells the browser the kind of data that it is going to receive, interpret and teach the user. parts of an email address

It is not necessary to place these acronyms in the electronic address because the browser writes them automatically, only the name of the web page is placed and Search is pressed for the browser to do the rest.

This protocol specifies the kind of code that the server must accept, therefore, if some applications do not use this type of programming language, users will see that it is not possible to write text that is not in the format of the electronic address language .

Route parts of an email address

This process is known as index.html, it is used in a list of folders or in the memory of the computer so that when the electronic address is entered, the server searches the path to find out the record of the page.

Slanted Bars parts of an email address

Similar to a colon, forward slashes are used to separate. With these the contact with the electronic address is initiated to obtain the search of the server.


This is the full email address that can be viewed on the page. It is complemented by each of the elements that must be part of the web address. Because of its length it is difficult for a person to learn it by heart, for this reason only the name of the server or the web page is written.

Domain name parts of an email address

The domain name is the electronic address or the name with which it was registered and that users remember. This name can be composed of letters and numbers, without spaces between its words and also without signs, except for the hyphen, but it cannot end or begin with it.

Two points

This part of the email address divides the protocol name page.

.Com parts of an email address

This part of the electronic address enables the identification of the site and its country of origin. There are two classes of domains, generic and geographic, the most used and common is generic.

  • Generic: this domain is applied according to the activity that is executed. The commercial, in education it is .edu, non-profit or governmental entities are represented by .org.
  • Territorial or geographical: according to what its name says, they are related to the territory in which the electronic address is located. They can also register as generic domains, some examples of these sites are: Argentina with .ar, Ecuador with .ec, Dominican Republic with .do, Colombia with .co, etc.

The domain is an expression that identifies the server to which you want to access. The identification can be numeric (IP) or literal (words). In most cases the numeric identification is hidden for security reasons and literal expressions are used

com: They are the best known, they are usually used for companies and organizations.

org: Used for less important organizations.
net: They are used specifically for associated with the internet and telecommunications.
thousand: They are used solely and exclusively for military organizations.
gov: They are used only by Anglo-Saxon governments.
god: They are used only by Hispanic governments.
tv: These are specifically used by video, film and television companies.
info: They are only used by information companies that are newspapers, magazines, etc.
biz: It is used by commercial and business companies.
cc: This contains a great interest in obtaining the global domain and not foregoing the possibility of being able to achieve it.
ws: It can be used for all any wed page open to the public.
name: It consists of registering our name or nickname.
pro: They are used only for specific use by professionals such as doctors or architects.
aero: It is used only by airline companies.
coop: They are commonly used for humanitarian cooperation organizations.
museum:It is only used by museums.
wed: This is a top-level internet domain.
int: It is used by international organizations such as the UN.
jobs: They are commonly used by the employment and human resources departments.
mobi: They are only used by mobile phone companies.
fm : They are used specifically by radio stations.

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