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  1. What is office automation?

Office automation is a set of computer tools that are used to optimize, improve and automate the procedures performed in an office. The word office is an acronym formed by office and computer .

Office automation tools allow devise, create, store and manipulate information , but must be the computer itself or if connected to a network of Internet . The office structure is usually constituted by computers and their peripherals.

Any activity that is done manually within an office complex can be done with the tools of the office in a much better, simpler and faster way.

Office automation began to develop in the 70’s with the massification and modernization of office products, was a positive and important change, such as the jump from typewriters to desktop computers or the invention of the photocopier . Currently the main provider of office suites is Microsoft Office, although it is paid, and within the free providers is OpenOffice.

Some procedures and office tools are:

  • Word processor
  • Database
  • Utilities (for example calculators)
  • Computer packages such as Microsoft Office
  • Email programs

We will see some tools and their characteristics:

  • Word : It is a word processor. It is used to write and format any type of text . You can also do other kinds of things, like web pages .
  • Excel : Its main function is the spreadsheet , there you can create files of, for example, invoices, keep track of an account statement, compile statistics and so on.
  • Access : It is a database management tool. Here you can control an inventory, keep a book record and other similar actions.
  • Power Point : It is the ideal program to develop presentations. It is ideal to accompany speeches. You can insert images, sounds , videos and more.
  • Outlook : Used to manage email. It also includes the possibility of keeping track of an agenda with a calendar. It also has reminders.

See also: Operating System .

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