Motivational Quotes

Motivational quote : not that there is no water in the well, but that you are not digging deep enough

  1. There is no water in the well, but you are not deep enough. It’s not that success is slow, but you don’t work hard enough.

  2, the time of alone is to make yourself excellent, give people a surprise, but also give yourself a good account.

  3, fate has given you a starting point is lower than the others want to tell you, let you use your life to struggle out of a Jedi’s story, so there is no reason to work hard!

  4, there is no excessive greed in the heart, natural suffering is less. If you don’t say anything extra in your mouth, there will be less natural disasters. The food in the abdomen can be reduced, and the natural disease is less. There is no excessive desire in the thoughts, and there are few natural worries. Great sorrow is no tears, and the same is realized without words. The reason is to cherish as much as possible. Life is always empty, smile at people, smile at yourself, smile and watch the world, watch the sunrise and sunset, flowers and flowers, uncomfortable, where the dust comes!

  5, the mood is like clothes, dirty, take it to wash, sun drying, the sun will naturally spread. Sunshine is so good, why bother to find trouble, too good for every moment, 10,000 beautiful futures cannot meet a warm present.

  6. No matter what you are experiencing, you must stand up from the stagnation and renew your enthusiasm. Keep your enthusiasm and keep smiling, just like you have never been hurt.

  7. The beauty of life is always manifested in her enterprising; just like the beauty of a big tree, it is manifested in the thriving vitality of its negative momentum; like the beauty of an eagle, it is displayed in it. The rain is like the soaring of the heavenly soul; like the beauty of the river, it is manifested in the torrent of its turbulent waves.

  8. Some things happen inevitably, and there are regularities in the yin and yin. We can only accept it frankly; in some cases, as long as you are willing to work hard and pay unswervingly, you can slowly change its trajectory.

  9. Instead of blaming the world, it is better to change yourself. Manage your own heart and do your own thing better than anything else. Life is not perfect, twists and turns are also landscapes. Don’t look too heavy to lose, give up is another possession; don’t always envy others, people do it, and the heart is realized, I believe that the scenery that belongs to you is at the next corner.

  10, some things want to open, you will understand, in the world, you are you, you hurt yourself, you are tired of yourself, even if someone sympathizes with you, then what, and finally to clean up the mess still depends on yourself.

  11, some obstacles in life, you cannot escape. It’s better to climb bravely than to go through it, maybe it will cast a high point in your life.

  12, some pressures always have to lick themselves, and when they say it becomes a complaint full of negative energy. Seeking comfort does not help, but it also increases the troubles of others.

  13. Recognizing that what we see and hear is an illusion, recognizing that this life is illusory, we can truly understand the truth of the Dharma. If you have more money, you will crush you. Can you afford it? Take it, take it, let it go, let it go. Always be sad and benevolent to others.

  14. The dream always runs in front of me. Try to pursue them, for the moment of synchronization, this is a moving miracle of life.

  15. Laziness won’t let you fall all of a sudden, but you will reduce your gains unconsciously; hard work won’t make you successful overnight, but you will accumulate your results without knowing it. Life needs to be challenged, and more needs to be persisted and diligent!

  16. Life is alive: You can be short of money, but you can’t be wicked; you can lose words, but you can’t lose faith; you can fall down, but you can’t kneel down; you can ask for a name, but you can’t steal it; you can be low, but you can’t fall; you can relax, but you can’t Indulgence; can be vanity, but not hypocritical; can be ordinary, but not mediocre; can be romantic, but can not sway; can be angry, but can not be a thing.

  17. There is no straight road in life. When you feel confused and lost, find a few film full of positive energy, sit down and enjoy it quietly to discover what is really important in life.

  18, on the stage of life, when someone is willing to spend the night with you in countless nights without future, you would like to show yourself a wonderful self. I hope that every soul that is supported by it will attract more people to walk.

  19. Positive people see an opportunity in every worry, while negative people see some kind of worry in every opportunity. Do not find an excuse to fail, only to find reasons to succeed.

  20, every achievement and growth, contains the loneliness, the sweat that has been passed, the tears that flow through. Many times, instead of seeing hope, we insist on it, but insist on it to see hope.

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