What is Microsoft Word?

We explain what Word is and what it is for. Why is it so useful for writing texts on the PC? Functions and features

  1. What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a computer software word processor , the most used when working with digital documents today.

How did Word come about? Word is a treatment program text that was born from the hand of IBM around 1981.

Word is a program that is practically present on all the computers of people who have a computer at their disposal, which is a fairly simple processor. This program belongs to the Office Package  (as well as Microsoft Excel for managing spreadsheets) of all computers that have Microsoft Windows installed as an operating system.

  1. Features and features of Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word allows the user to write texts, monographs, articles in an orderly manner , among others. You can choose the font format (depending on the style of what I want to do) highlighting in bold and / or italics and in a certain size using visible commands or icons. In turn, it allows the size of the sheet and its arrangement to be configured, either vertically or horizontally.

It should be noted that Word is not a simple word processor, since it enables the user to insert images that revalue what is being written or to make explanatory pie charts to demonstrate statistics by representing the percentages (%) graphically , for example.

Also, Microsoft Word is not only useful for its variety of formats and applications but it is essential as a tool the spelling checker because it allows the user to see if he made a typing or grammar and syntax error, since it highlights in red or blue words in case the program detects possible spelling and / or grammatical errors. Likewise, it is not necessary to trust one hundred percent since, this one has a margin of error.

In addition, Microsoft Word can interact with other programs in the Office Package such  as Excel, enabling graphics and data from spreadsheets to be pasted in a simple way.

  1. How do you access Word on the computer?

To open Word, you must double click on the corresponding shortcut icon . This icon can be found in the Start Menu – Microsoft Office, and generally also on the Desktop .

To conclude, Microsoft Word is a program that completely facilitated the work of writing . The appearance of computers enabled the development of word processing applications such as Word and, consequently, the arduous task of writing manuscripts was automated and improved in some way, taking care to avoid spelling errors and allowing the necessary revision of what was written, to edit and reformulate it before the printing stage.

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