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MicroG Apk DownlaodMicroG APK on your Android device to access data, playlists and more. An essential app for Vanced users who use our services like YT Vanced and Vanced Music. In addition, you will enjoy the full benefits that we offer now.

Therefore, we ask you to get the latest version of the APK file from this official website.

Latest Version

Name Vanced microG APK
Version (212658001)
Updated Sep 20, 2021
Developer jojaa
ID com.mgoogle.android.gms
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Apk Apps

What is MicroG on Huawei?

Microzy is important for core Google services that most apps require, but not all research about having a Google account. It enhances your privacy and can also improve battery life.

Where is MicroG Installed?

Assuming you downloaded it from the official website, it should be in the fifth part of the apps list where it is called the Vanced MicroG app.

How do I Install MicroG?

The words “microg” and then the desired unit must appear in the list at the same time because it only enters one. One click on the download arrow and then “Install” to start. After completing the installation process, click the button to restart the device.

Can I uninstall MicroG?

Chrome must be closed to subscribe, you can use it after logging in. If you still want to get rid of Microzy, you should be in the list of programs, whose full name is Microg – Youtube Vanced.

How does MicroG work?

Microzy enables Android apps to use the interactive API and programming interface (API) provided by Google Play services, including Google Play, Google Maps, geolocation, and Google Messages.

Does MicroG Drain Battery?

My only experience with Microg and Vansd was about 6 months ago. I am using it on Note 9 and there is no difference in battery usage before use.

In order to be able to use the various tools offered by the company, we can use Microzy, another feature of the public system that allows us to use it as if you were installing a Google library.

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