Difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism Chart

Difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism with tableWe explain the difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism in the table. Region and beliefs are one of the most sensitive issues in the world.

There are different religions that people follow around the world, one of which is Christianity. It is the largest religion in the world with almost 2.2 billion followers. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Christianity, according to human understanding and belief, has been divided into various theologies. Two of these theologies are Lutheranism and Calvinism.

Lutheranism believes in “salvation by God.” They believe that anyone can achieve salvation regardless of whether they have faith or belief in Jesus. On the other hand, Calvinism believes that God has already chosen who he wants to give salvation and nothing else is going to change him.

The difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism is that the theology proposed by the German monk and old theologian Martin Luther believes in Lutheranism, it was also started by him.

While theology influenced by the teaching of John Calvin believes in Calvinism. It is a church or denomination within a fold.

Comparison table between Lutheranism and Calvinism

Comparison parameter Lutheranism Calvinism
Follower Follower of the theologian Martin Luther Follower of Juan Calvino
Salvation Salvation can be filed through faith God already knows who he wants to save
Head of Church The head of the church is the elected council. The head of the church is a council of elders.
Worship Service Sources of preaching and rituals Just believe in preaching
Last source They regard the Bible as their holy grail They believe that one can have a direct connection with God.

What is Lutheranism?

Lutheranism is one of the many branches of Christianity. Here the teachings of the German monk and theologian Martin Luther are practiced. In Lutheranism, they believe that the reason Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross was the forgiveness of all the sins that people have committed.

It is believed that the sacrifice that was made was for all followers who have faith and believe in Jesus and also for people who do not have faith and do not believe in him.

Lutheranism asserts that salvation is independent of someone’s worth and dignity. They believe that all human beings are like sinners and what keeps them enslaved by their evil powers is their ‘original sin’ which makes them incapable of helping liberation. They believe that the key to responding to God is having faith in him. They believe in “salvation by faith alone.”

Lutheranism is further divided on the basis of two points that are the proper source of authority in the church, which is also known as the formal principle of reform, and the doctrine of justification, also known as the material principle of Lutheranism. Lutheranism differs from regular Reformed theology in Christology and the purpose of God’s law.

What is Calvinism?

Calvinism is known as a Reformed theology or “Reformed Protestantism.” It contains all the doctrines that I taught in the Reformed churches. This theology was developed by the thoughts of John Calvin and later reformed by his followers.

The theology of Calvinism states that the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross was limited. According to them, death was only for the sins of a select few and not for all.

Calvinism elaborated on the literal truth of the Bible and regards the church as a Christian community headed by Jesus Christ with all members under him as equals. Calvinism is heavily influenced by the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

The Reformed tradition is heavily influenced by Reformed continental denominational families, Presbyterians, Anglican Evangelicals, Congregationalists, and Reformed Baptists.

In Calvinism, it is believed that God’s self-revelation is always through his son Jesus Christ since he is the only intermediary between God and people.

These revelations come primarily from two basic channels: creation and providence. God’s action allows people to know God Himself, but this knowledge alone is enough to make more people realize their mistakes and sins.

The main difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism

  1. Followers of the German monk and theologian Martin Luther practice Lutheranism while followers of Sir John Calvin practice Calvinism.
  2. Those who practice Lutheranism believe that salvation can be achieved through faith, while those who practice Calvinism believe that God has already decided who He wants to save.
  3. The head of the church in Lutheranism is the elected council, while in the case of Calvinism the head of the church is the council of elders.
  4. Lutheranism believes in preaching and rituals, while Calvinism believes only in preaching.
  5. In Lutheranism, the Bible is considered the holy grail, while in Calvinism they believe that you can have a direct connection with God.

Final Thought

Christianity is one of the most followed religions in the world, with more than 2.2 followers of muffins. Christianity is further divided into various denominations based on belief and knowledge. Two of those beliefs are Lutheranism and Calvinism.

They are two very different aspects of looking at Christianity and can be broadly classified according to follower, salvation, head of the church’s worship service, and ultimate source.

Lutheranism is the theology that is based primarily on the belief and knowledge of Martin Luther. In Lutheranism they believe that Jesus died on the cross for everyone, and sacrificed his life for the sins of the people who have committed them, it was for the follower and for the people who did not follow him.

Calvinism is theology primarily on the ideas of Sir John Calvin. However, in Calvinism, they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for a few, only the chosen ones.

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