What is lasciviousness?

We explain what lasciviousness is and why it is considered a sin for religion. In addition, lasciviousness as a materialist concept.

  1. What is lasciviousness?

The term lascivious refers to the sexual desire that a person feels and lust without control . Lascivious means a person who does not have the ability to look at others in a way that is not morbid, feeling sexual desire for him.

A lascivious person does not have the capacity to control these sexual desires , it is an absence of the own limits that each person possesses to live not only with oneself but in society.

  1. Lasciviousness in religion

Lasciviousness - Religion
Believers consider lewdness to all inappropriate sexual behavior.

Lasciviousness is condemned by many religions , especially for Catholicism. Generally, in these religions, it is mainly that adolescents do not fall into lasciviousness, since this is a mortal sin and does not allow any person to be in grace, that is, without sins.

Believers consider lewdness to all inappropriate sexual behavior , such as dancing . When naming the dance, it does not seem that this has something bad, however, it does not refer to all kinds of dances, but to those that are usually practiced in discos or clubs where teenagers and even adults attend.

These dances include a certain level of body contact in a context of fun and uncontrolled control, boosted mainly by the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages that is currently causing a lot of damage to young people.

The sum of these actions results in completely inappropriate behavior , since the adolescent or adult is in a state where they do not have all the necessary awareness to be able to decide what to do or not to do.

This religion also considers that man can become a slave to lasciviousness by being completely exposed to his own sick thoughts , turning him into a completely weak being in the face of temptation.

They also argue that God was the creator of sexuality itself , but not with a lustful and pleasure purpose for which man usually practices it, but with the aim that two people, when joining in marriage, can feel the desire to procreate. That is, the only purpose of sexuality is human reproduction , not enjoyment and pleasure.

People who make the decision to practice a religion such as Christianity have and must be willing to accept a series of mandates that must be complied with, one of them is the repression of any type of sexual desire that is outside of marriage, on the contrary, this would be considered as lewd behavior.

Homosexuality as well as pedophilia are also considered lewd behaviors, because these actions are not allowed in religion.

Any sexual attitude that does not follow the mandates is considered a mortal sin, depending on religion. In some women, they are often punished in a very hard way for having that type of behavior, while in others there are not so many limitations, so that men or women can have sexual relations without the need for a previous marriage.

  1. Lasciviousness as a materialist concept

Lascivia - Gluttony - Appetite
The uncontrolled appetite for something is also considered lascivious.

Lasciviousness can not only be understood as uncontrolled sexual desires and behaviors , but can also refer to any materialistic concept, that is, the immoderate appetite of something.

There is a disorder that derives fully from the lewdness called hypersexuality . This disorder is characterized by the desire to practice sex with great frequency, this is also known as sex addiction.

However, several specialists claim that hypersexuality should not be considered a ” problem ” or disorder, but that it occurs through impulses.

It is also important to highlight that people who suffer from this disorder generally experienced sexual trauma in their childhood or adolescence, so that in the future it ends up becoming a big problem for these people not being able to set their own limits on something that belongs to their privacy, as is their own sexuality.

Some personality disorders, such as bipolarity, can trigger some inappropriate behavior in people, such as not having sexual control of oneself.

This same effect can be produced by the consumption of different drugs, drugs or alcohol , since they temporarily alter consciousness.

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