Learn to say no to customers

Now we know more and more when we should say no to our customers, when should we say no to the inquirers who have not yet become customers.

There was a post in the two-day Webmaster Forum that made me feel very touched. I talked about the characteristics of the three potential customers who are most likely to cause trouble.

First, be cheap, I hope you give him the best price.

Of course, it is understandable to hope that the service will be available at a reasonable price and at a reasonable price. But if the person asking the first sentence tells you that you must have the best price, this may not be a good sign. Usually this kind of customer does not understand the value of the website, does not understand how good a website will affect his business, he only cares about the price.

The problem is that you make a cheap website for him. When the website can’t bring him profits, he will blame you.

Second, be quick, it is best that you gave him the job yesterday.

Sometimes time constraints are understandable, but customers must understand that the website designer is not doing nothing for half a month, sitting there is your job.

So don’t expect to be cheap, fast, and good. You can only pick two of these three. It’s cheap and fast, the quality is definitely not good, the quality is good and cheap, you don’t ask for it.

Third, the inquirer will tell you how my next service provider is.

If the inquirer said that my previous website designer could not make the website work, he finally refused to do it. Then the subtext may be, I constantly change my mind, ask the designer to change according to my idea, and finally the designer has to ask for extra money.

Not only will design and SEO services encounter this situation, but virtual hosting services will also be encountered.

Sometimes some potential customers will ask me to give a discount of a few dollars, I will consider it at the beginning, but now I will say NO. First, this is unfair to other customers. Second, you gave him this discount. Next time he might say, I hope you can help him design a simple web page for free.

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