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Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk

kung fu supreme disciple guideKung Fu Supreme Mod Apk is an Action Game provided by Metajoy Pte Ltd. This game introduces you to the world of martial arts and lets you try out different fighting styles and techniques.

You can create a cult and recruit followers to join your cult. Train them in kung fu techniques and help them stand up. They will help you become the best kung fu master.

On the way up the stairs you will encounter various monsters and animals. The world of Jianhu is full of danger and only the strong survive. Make sure to bring out all of your kung fu skills to defeat your opponents and advance in the game.

kung fu supreme apk

Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk for Android is a great game for martial arts fans. Intense gameplay and stunning graphics will make you want more playtime. Get it now and become the king of Jianghu.

Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk Additional Information

Name Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk
Version v2.8.1 
Updated sept 14, 2022
Developer ———
ID com.KungFuSupremeModApk
Installs 100,000+
Category Apk Apps

What is Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk?

In this game, you play as a swordsman entering the world of martial arts for the first time. However, there are kung fu experts in the field who have trained in the art all their lives.

You will face serious challenges and use all your skills to defeat God. But your desire to save the world and restore peace gives you the strength to succeed.

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You need to find treasures in the east and use them to improve your skills. You must train in a variety of specialized martial arts, sword and knife techniques, with the joy and clairvoyance of oriental kung and foot and hand magic.

Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk game has a revolutionary gameplay that is different from other martial arts games. It’s not just pressing buttons and attacking your opponents. You must use strategy and creativity to defeat your enemies.

You also need to be quick and have good reflexes to advance in the game. The game is simple and you have to be ready for anything. The game also features a unique power-up system that increases your strength, speed, and agility.

kung fu supreme mod apk unlimited money

There are many different moves you can perform in the game. Each move has a specific purpose and must be used wisely to defeat your opponents. You can also combine different moves to create combos.

Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk Features

  • Far from keyboard warfare. The game eliminates a lot of manual use and makes it easier to focus on combat. There’s also a passive system that allows you to level even when it’s not in play.
  • An epic boss fight. You will meet some of the strongest bosses in the history of martial arts. You will meet various world champions with unique skills.
  • Customize your technology. In this game, you can customize your techniques and create combos that suit your style of play. Each opponent is unique and you have to use the right strategy to defeat them.
  • Take the treasure of the world. In this game you will find treasures of the world to help you on your journey. Treasures give you an advantage in battle and allow you to rapidly upgrade your skills.
  • Lots of PvP tournaments. You can participate in many PvP tournaments and challenge the best martial artists in the world. Win this tournament and earn unique prizes.
  • The Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk technique will increase your mental strength and stamina. It helps you to stay calm even when you are in trouble. It also increases your luck, which is important in this type of game.
  • The Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk technique enhances your punching power to deliver more powerful punches. It also helps you in melee.
  • The Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk technique increases your arm strength, allowing you to execute more powerful arm strikes. It also helps you in ranged combat as you can hit multiple targets at once.
  • The Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk technique increases your claw strength to deliver powerful claw strikes. It also helps you in close combat, allowing you to grab and throw your enemy.

How to Download & Install the Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk for Android?

This unique feature ensures that users are always protected. If you can’t download this app from the Google Play Store, you can always download it from this website. Follow the instructions below to install this app on your Android devices before using the suggestion.

  • Open “Unknown sources” in Settings. After that, go to the Security section and enable the Security option.
  • Go to the download manager on your Android device and click on the Kung Fu Supreme. Now is the time to get it.
  • There are two options on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install the operating system and you just need to flash it on your Android device.
  • You will see a popup of options on your phone screen. You have to wait a little bit for it to come out.
  • After all the downloads and installations are done, just click on the “Open” option and open your mobile device screen.

Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk Download

Download Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk Here

Download the App by Clicking the Button Above. The Download Should Start Now


Kung Fu Supreme Mod Apk, now download this amazing app for Android and PC and enjoy. The downloading APK files and contains almost all apps of all genres and categories.

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Download Kung Fu Supreme Mod APK belongs to Simulation category and is developed by Metajoy PTE. LTD. Our website has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. But this app has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on various rating platforms. You can also answer Kung Fu Supreme Mod APK on our site so that our users can have a better idea about the app. If you want to know more about Kung Fu Supreme Mod APK, visit the developers official website for more details.

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