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My personal understanding of keyword rankings and SEO overalls has also been a while. At the beginning, due to the experience and the limitations of the station, it is also focused on the keyword ranking. Check the changes in the ranking of the keyword list to be done every day, and record the relationship between the ranking changes and the changes made by the website. It must be said that this method is effective, but it seems to be very one-sided.

Keyword rankings The trigger point that is greatly devalued in my mind is an SEO case that is optimized for the customer . The stations you make yourself are usually small, but hundreds of pages. That time, I received a customer’s website, which is an e-commerce website. There are tens of thousands of products, so the website page is also tens of thousands. Of course, this is a piece of cake compared to many domestic webmasters. This station gave me a lot of vibration.

After doing keyword research on this website, and after finishing the page optimization on the whole station ,the traffic has increased tenfold within three weeks. However, the main keyword ranking is only from 70 to 80, and it is increased to 40 or 50. The traffic from the main keywords is very small, and there is basically no change. The tenfold increase in traffic is due to the overall optimization of the overall structure of the website and the factors of the page, which makes it easy to increase the ranking of long tail keywords.

At that time, it seems that I have not seen the long tail book, but I have to be surprised at the power of these little words. In fact, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it can make such a huge change in traffic. And not from dozens of IPs to hundreds of IPs, but thousands of IP to tens of thousands of IP.

In the message of the SEO expert interview in the previous two days , the reader was too tired to say:

I completed the project in a week. I hope that you are clearer. It is a few weeks PR value. Or is the keyword ranking the first place, or an external link, to send a message through the employee’s blog to PR>4? Still no technical work. Is the SEO threshold so low that it will be SEO when typing? That is too foolish.

In fact, in my experience, a lot of websites traffic has a qualitative leap, which can be achieved by optimizing the website structure and page factors. But you can’t see any changes in PR and keyword rankings, and you don’t have to do external links. It is not entirely true that the threshold is low, because most people just do not optimize these seemingly simple things.

So in my opinion, SEO optimization is an overall job. Only in a few cases should the keyword ranking be more important:

  • Involving brands, trademarks, etc.
  • The website is small, no hope to rely on the long tail to traffic
  • The keywords that are targeted to have a huge amount of search, and the website products or services are relatively single, and it is not easy to expand to other long tail keywords.

For most websites, the overall optimization brings about increased traffic, and its performance price ratio is much higher than specific keywords.

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