Keyword optimization tips that are often overlooked

Keywords long tail

In the keyword search, the long tail effect is very obvious, and almost 20%-25% of the searches have never been searched before. That is to say, users will search for a variety of strange keywords, and the number of such searches is huge. Therefore, when optimizing the keywords of the website, the main target keywords are on the one hand, and these long tail keywords are also very important aspects.

When I was doing keyword research mentioned earlier, I should list dozens of related keyword combinations, but the homepage is only suitable for two or three keyword optimizations, and the remaining related keywords can be fully integrated into other pages. For example, write an article for each keyword.

The long tail effect of an SEO project I have done recently is obvious. The main keywords are still not found, but the traffic is already three times that before optimization. These traffic are from less popular but are mentioned in different articles on the website. Keywords to.

Mining log file logfile

After the website has a certain amount of traffic, observing the research website log file is a must for all search engine optimizers. One of the reasons is to see which keywords are used by users to come to your website. Sometimes you will see keywords that will surprise you.

By studying these searches that have come to your website, you can know what users are interested in? What kind of articles do you need to strengthen? Which keywords have higher potential? Once you find these promising keywords, you can expand and then write web content for those keywords.

Stegan technology

This is only for English websites. In other words, the search engine will think that it is the same meaning for different words derived from the same stem.

For example, the word work, we assume that it is your keyword, then in your web article, there should be different forms of work, such as working, worker, worked and so on. There are also singular and plural changes to nouns. Your web page should naturally incorporate these different words from the same stem.

For Chinese websites, there is also an extension and extension of stemming technology, and there is time to say it alone.

The location where the keyword appears

The way of optimizing web pages for keywords is just a general principle. Different industries and different keywords will require different degrees. This degree can only be grasped in practice .

It is recommended that different keyword combinations be tested in different locations, and sometimes a small change can make your page ranks significantly higher. For example, reverse the order of the words, or change the keyword from the second word in the title tag to the first word, or vice versa. These tiny changes are not felt by users, but sometimes have a big impact on search engine rankings.

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