Is the Meta tag still useful?

Others such as the author, the software version, etc., can be ignored, on the website optimization , there is no value. Of course, other labels do not hinder anything. If you like, you can put the information you want, but not too much. Because the front tab is too much, it will push the content of your web page to the back of the file. This is not good for optimizing the ranking.

About 4 or 5 years ago, search engines also looked at these tags very important. Because the content of these tags is what the webmaster himself claims is about this page. But as search engine ranking algorithms are more understood, people are starting to pile up irrelevant keywords into these tags, hoping to get good rankings in popular keyword searches.

A few years ago, the decline of the largest search engine, Alta Vista, was largely due to the large number of such spam sites flooding the search results of Alta Vista. Alta Vista’s strategy is not to further develop anti-spam anti-cheating techniques to improve the accuracy of their search results, but to close to Yahoo and other portals in an attempt to attract more visitors by providing more content.

But contrary to expectations, people quickly abandoned Alta Vista and turned to Google. Because Google’s web-based ranking algorithm largely eliminates such cheating techniques.

In the past two or three years, most people believe that Google will give the title tag a higher weight. But the description tags and keyword tags are completely ignored by Google. The same is true of other important search engines. It is possible to use descriptions and keyword tags as a small factor in ranking, but the weight should be very low.

Because of this, many search engine optimization practitioners basically do not put any effort on the label. In fact, this is a bit overkill. There are signs that Google will not use the description and keyword tags as a ranking factor, Google will also crawl these tags into the database. The most obvious is that, for example, a website made entirely of flash, the description text used in the search ranking of this website is generally taken from the description label.

At the same time, since all search engine ranking algorithms are kept secret and constantly changing, no one can guarantee that search engines will not value these tags in the future. It is very likely that descriptions and keyword tags have always been one of the factors in the ranking algorithm, but the proportion is small.

So my suggestion is that every page should be carefully written with good titles, keywords and description tags. At least it has no harm.

Another reason why these tags should be placed is that they are a user-friendly part of the user. In the search rankings of Yahoo and MSN, most of the time, the description of the search results is taken from the description tag. If your instructions are clear and accurate, and attractive, this helps visitors click on your website.

In the search results of Google and Baidu, the web page description is the text content of the webpage that Google and Baidu think are appropriate.

Another thing to note is that each different web page must have a different label. We have seen a lot of websites, all of which are ABC companies, which is the wrong approach. You should write the title tag and description tag that are appropriate for this page.

In general, the title tag should not exceed ten to twelve words. Do not describe the label more than thirty to thirty-five words. Keyword tags simply list the important keywords that really matter to your website.

In all three of these tabs, it is important to avoid repeating and stacking keywords.

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