Is The Child’s Genetics Entirely From Parents?

  1. Whose height is the height?
  Parents are each half. Under the premise of nutritional status, 70% of the child’s height is in the hands of the parents. The inheritance of the parents is the main factor determining the height of the child, because 35% of the factors determining the height are from the father and 35% from the mother. If both parents are not tall, it depends on the baby’s 30% effort.
  2. Whose genetics is intelligence ?
  Mother’s intelligence has a certain hereditary nature, and is affected by environmental factors, nutrition, education and other acquired factors. According to scientists, genetic influence on intelligence is about 50%-60%. In terms of heredity, mother is smart, and most of the children born are smart. If it is a boy, it will be smarter. The reason for this is that human and intelligence-related genes are mainly concentrated on the X chromosome. Women have 2 X chromosomes and only 1 male, so the mother’s intelligence has a more important position in heredity.
  3. Whose personality is the personality?
  Father. Personality is the father’s genetics. The formation of personality is of course innate, but mainly after the impact. In comparison, Dad’s influence will be greater than that of his mother. Among them, the role of fatherly love has a greater impact on her daughter. A psychologist believes: “Father plays an important role in the formation of her daughter’s sense of self-esteem, identity and gentle personality.” Another expert suggested that the father can teach many important lessons in his daughter’s life. And experience to make her daughter’s personality more colourful.
  4. Whose genetics is the appearance?
  Skin colour: Always follow the natural law of “multiplying and then averaging”, leaving people with no choice. If the parents’ skin is darker, there will be no children with white skin. If one side is black, most of them will give the child a “neutral” skin colour, and there will be a more partial one.
  Eyes : (eye shape) The eye shape and size of the child are inherited from the parents, and the large eyes are dominantly inherited from the small eyes. One parent has big eyes, and the child with a big eye may be bigger. (Double eyelids) Double eyelids are dominantly inherited, and the life of a single eyelid and double eyelids is most likely to be double eyelids. But parents are single eyelids, and the average child is also a single eyelid.
  (Eye colour) Dark colours such as black are dominantly inherited from light colours. That is to say, the black eyeball and the blue eyeball, the child born will not be the blue eyeball.
  (Eyelash) Long eyelashes are also dominantly inherited. As long as one parent has long eyelashes, the possibility of the child inheriting long eyelashes is very high.
  Nose: Generally speaking, the nose is large and high and the nostril is markedly heritable. One of the parents is a straight nose, and the possibility of inheritance to the child is great. The genetics of the nose will continue into adulthood. When you are young, you will have a short nose and adulthood may become a high nose.
  Ear: The shape of the ear is hereditary, and the large ear is dominantly inherited relative to the small ear. As long as one person is a big ear, then the child is very likely to be a pair of big ears.
  Kneeling: It is a dominant inheritance that cannot be “consulted”. Parents have prominent big chins on either side, and their children often have a chin like a chin without exception. “Like” is somewhat bizarre.
  Obesity: It will give children a 53% chance of becoming a big fat person. If one parent is obese, the probability of a child’s obesity will drop to 40%. This shows that about half of fat and not fat can be determined by human factors, so parents can make their body shape by reasonable diet and full exercise.
  Baldness: The Creator seems to favour women, allowing baldness to be passed only to men. For example, the father is bald, and the probability of inheriting the son is 50%. Even the mother’s father will leave the 25% probability of his baldness to the grandchildren. This kind of male-female does not pass on the female’s gender genetic tendency, so that men can do nothing.
  Acne : This facial sensation that makes young boys and girls stunned is actually related to heredity. Because both parents have acne, the prevalence of children will be 20 times higher than those without family history.
  Leg type: The fat-stacked legs that resemble the parents can be shaped into slender and strong legs through full exercise. However, if the legs are too long or too short due to heredity, they can’t be reshaped, only natural.

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