Is SEO doing well? Still very easy?

The article believes that SEO is actually very simple, not God, telling everyone not to make God. SEO is certainly not a god. Has anyone said that SEO is a god? On the contrary, we have always stressed that SEO is only one type of online marketing, and online marketing is only one aspect of website operation. There is still a long way to go to do a good job with SEO.

But doing SEO is never easy. That article believes that 300-500 blogs or websites are built on different IPs. These websites are constantly updated, and links are built continuously. Then they are linked to a main station, and the main station ranks up. Even if it is finally punished, the bidding will solve the problem. For such a point, I can only comment that the layman should not take it for granted.

Do people who have said this done SEO in this way? The article said that after doing this, “the general keyword is not blamed for the front.” For the general keyword, assuming that everything is done correctly, it should be able to rank up, how high can it cost? Maintaining such 300-500 stations and saying less than 40,000 domain name hosting fees per year? Rehiring two people to update and exchange links, what is the cost? Just for one or a few general keywords?

If it is a highly competitive business keyword, will it be possible to go up with this group of stations? What is the risk of being punished after going up? In particular, being punished for participating in the auction will solve the problem? I have seen the group of people doing it, and I have seen that I have done a larger station group or not.

As I said in my previous post, 95% of SEO skills are actually very simple . Look at the book, look at the article, practice it yourself, and master it in a few months. But the problem is that it is almost the same, and there is a difference between being a master. If you want to integrate it and use it freely, it will not be done in a few months. The remaining 5% is even less easy.

SEO is actually a game. Anyone keyword, the tenth position on the first page. As long as the search engine does not change the default arrangement, only ten pages can be placed on the first page. The one who is ranked first is always that one. In the end, such a limited number of matches can not be very difficult.

Just like running. It’s easy to say, isn’t it easy to run? Who can’t run? My daughter, who is one year old and more than two months old, has been able to run, although she swayed and stumbled. But to run into a master, 100 meters ran into ten seconds, several billion people around the world, how many can do? Those who can do it only do a few times at the peak.

The easiest thing to do is to fight for the only first time. And the higher the level, the more 0.01 seconds, it is extremely difficult.

In the highly competitive business words, after entering the first few pages, it is very difficult to improve each one.

SEO is often simple on the Internet, or SEO is a deceptive argument. People who often say this are people who are related to websites but have never done SEO. Really doing SEO is often lamented that SEO is really difficult to do, and all that can be done, but the ranking is still not up.

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