Is Google PageRank important?

When I wrote a post about a friendly link a few days ago, there was also a different opinion on Google Page Rank in the comments.

Many people think that the page level is not important now. Google PR may be part of Google’s public relations strategy, which is to treat the page level as a hot topic, let everyone go to speculation, research, and keep eye-catching. Google itself has already reduced the importance of PR to very low in the algorithm.

The web level was invented by Google and now seems to be the cause of many cheating. Because of Google’s emphasis on page-level, many people buy and sell links, buy and sell PR, and some people use software to leave a lot of junk links in the forum blog.

On the other hand, many people believe that Google PR is still one of the most important ranking factors so far. Matt Cutts once refutes the view that a webmaster believes that Google PR is only entertaining. He said, I can’t agree with this view. Thousands of people use the PR value displayed on the toolbar to judge the quality of the web page every day.

Of course, Matt Cutts’s words are also ambiguous. He is talking about judging the quality of the webpage, but it doesn’t say that PR is important in the ranking algorithm or not.

I personally think that the Google page level is still relatively important so far.

1) We should distinguish between the toolbar PR and the real PR. The PR value we see in the Google Toolbar is not the actual PR value in Google’s internal database. The toolbar PR was updated only a few months. The real PR used in the algorithm is a continuous update process. So the relationship between PR and ranking in the toolbar we can see does not indicate the impact of real PR on ranking.

In addition, even after the toolbar PR has just been updated, Google may display different PR values ​​in the toolbar. Who can guarantee that the PR value that Google shows us is the real PR value?

Both Matt Cutts and Google Guy pay close attention to the difference between “visible or toolbar PR” and “real PR” in their posts.

2) The Google page level has at least a decisive influence on the depth and frequency of spider crawling pages. The higher the page level, the more frequently Google spiders will crawl your site. And it will track deeper links. This will bring more content to the site to be included, which will naturally affect your Google rankings. This is what Matt Cutts has repeatedly confirmed.

3) A higher Page Rank is good for getting links. When I receive a request for a friendship link, it is essential to look at the PR value of the other party’s link page. Although PR does not explain the quality of the website in some cases, if the PR value is low, the number of web pages is small, and the content of the web page is not professional, this will naturally affect my decision to exchange links.

If the PR value of the website is not high, but no cheating is found, and the website is rich in content, it will not prevent me from linking to his website. So Google PR is not equal to the quality of the site, but at least it is a signal to measure the quality of the site.

4) Links that are closely related to the page level are definitely very important in Google rankings. This is also a problem with chicken and eggs. You have a lot of links, and the page level is high, so it is difficult to say whether it is a factor of a lot of links or a factor of PR. But what is certain is that the more links from high quality web pages, the better your ranking will be.

At the same time, the text of the link text and even the text before and after the link and the theme of the link page itself have an influence on the ranking.

5) Recently, many people have put forward the theory of trust level, and believe that Google is now more inclined to give the webpage a level of trust. The higher the trust level, the higher the ranking of the rankings and the voting rate of the links. This level of trust cannot be judged from any other signal. I feel that the PR value reflects the level of trust level from at least one angle.

6) The weight of real PR in the Google ranking algorithm, although not as high as before, should be one of the important factors so far. Some people believe that the true PR value plays a threshold. That is to say, for some popular keywords, the PR value must reach a certain number, and it is possible to be considered in the ranking.

Some people think that the PR value is the last factor to be considered when all other conditions are the same. But in some of the most competitive keyword searches, this will also play the role of the last straw.

So overall, I think the Google page level is still a very important factor. But the acquisition of the page level is a natural result of the search engine optimization work, and you don’t have to worry about getting a high PR!

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