Integrated search and SEO

I personally feel that integrated search will be faster and more influential than personalized search, because the performance of personalized search in search results is not obvious, and integrated search has more and more appeared in search results.

Simply put, integrated search refers to the search results in the form of ordinary web pages, news, pictures, videos, blogs, maps and other forms of search results. Disillusionment has more detailed introductions on his blog, you can refer to it.

The results of the integration are now very common in English search results, and more and more in Chinese search results. For example, I searched for “search engine optimization” on Google and news results have appeared.


The 360 ​​search that Yahoo launched in the past few days is also integrated search, and the user interface is quite good.

Integrated search should be one of the main trends in the future development of search engines.

The root cause of integrated search, I think it may be because users are generally lazy, although search engines have already launched vertical search, including blogs, news, pictures, videos, maps, books, etc., to use these vertical search, Just click on the topmost option on the search results page. However, human characteristics are lazy, and most users rarely use those vertical searches.

Therefore, in order to present the contents of various media forms to the users, the search engine begins to provide integrated search and combines these different forms of content into the same search result page.

There are several challenges in integrating search. For example, the arrangement of the search result page format. When used to be a web page, the search results were in a neat format and everyone was familiar with it. Now it is necessary to integrate videos, pictures, news, blogs and other content into the same page, and it can’t be confused. It needs to be processed in real time. It takes a little effort to arrange the format of the webpage.

For example, how do you compare relevance and authority between different types of content? Previously returned content was a web page, just compare the correlation between the two pages. But now with news, maps, blogs, videos, pictures, etc., how should the relevance and authority of a video content and text content be compared?

For example, which search keywords will trigger which integrated search? It is unlikely that all keywords will find results from all vertical searches. This may require a judgment based on many user data based on specific keywords. For example, when we search for Shijing, the content of the image may be a content that must be returned and returned, and the content of the map is not important.

What is the impact of integrated search on SEO?

The main job of SEO in the past was to optimize the webpage and put the content of the webpage to the front. But now it’s not just web pages that compete with you, but also maps, videos, blogs, news, pictures, and more. If you are doing SEO, you can’t ignore these things. The things to be optimized are more extensive, and all kinds of multimedia content and social network content must be included in the scope of SEO work. This undoubtedly makes SEO have to raise a level in strategic thinking, and can’t just focus on their own websites.

At present, the proportion of integrated search in search results is not large, but this is undoubtedly a development trend. In order to take advantage of SEO in the future, you must start to put your energy and time on a series of videos, blogs, news, pictures, and so on.

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