What is informative text?

We explain to you what an informative text is, some of the fundamental issues that it presents and the main characteristics that it has.

  1. What is informative text?

The informative text is a discursive package that contains written words , which may be being read or not, that contain within their meaning a representation of reality . The text to be able to fulfill its function must have coherence and cohesion, although its length may vary indefinitely.

The informative text must have a clear question: it must inform about an object or a state of reality . It differs from opinion or fiction texts , because these allude to other types of personal or non-existent themes in the material world.

Below we review some of the fundamental issues of the informational texts:

  • While the word objectivity is highly questioned by communication theorists, the truth is that attempts are made to differentiate informational texts from others through an appreciation of the quantitativeness of objectivity in the words of an informational text. That is more or less realistic and true, makes it more related to its purpose.
  • Informative texts are not only those that appear in newspapers . There are also informative texts that are technical, scientific, educational or also journalistic research .
  • Main purpose : Their main purpose is to transfer to the public things or situations that are alien and new, or that their understanding is complex without an explanatory text. The media use news from newspapers, radios or programs; the government used official statements; The scientific community uses the journals and “papers” for dissemination; People take advantage of mail and telegram services. All these are daily examples of informative texts that abound among society .

The expository texts do not differ much from the concept of the informative ones , but they are more related to the diplomatic and academic spheres, where precisely issues that affect a certain core common to the field are exposed.

In the different houses of study of journalism and communication in general , the different writing and writing techniques that serve the purpose of better communicating an informative text are reviewed often and carefully .

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