Industry and competitor survey

To give an extreme example, don’t want to be a news site and put the word “news” up. How can you get it, you can’t win Sina Sohu.

Surveys of industry and competitors can start with competition, and I generally look at two aspects.

Number of search results

The first is the number of search results returned by Google, Yahoo, and Baidu. If it is hundreds of thousands of search results, it is not much competition. If you reach a million, there is some competition. If you reach three or five million, you will have to spend some time and energy to optimize. If you achieve more than 10 million results, the competition will be more intense.

However, the number of search results sometimes does not necessarily indicate real competition. So look at the number and price of auctions in Google, Yahoo, and Baidu. This bidding situation is sometimes more indicative of the competition, because these are competitors willing to make real money to compete with you.

If nothing else, competitors have done their own research.

Competitor website optimization

Then look at the specifics of the target keywords in the first and tenth pages of the main search engine rankings. It is best to list some numbers into a table at a glance.

For example, investigate:

  • How large are these sites? How many pages does the website itself have?
  • How many pages are included?
  • What are the settings for these sites?
  • Is the content original or collected?
  • Website PR value?
  • Domain registration time?
  • Web page keyword density?
  • Where does the keyword appear?
  • Is there a certain law to learn?
  • How many external links do you check on Yahoo?
  • Where does the external link come from?
  • Is a lot of friendly links, spam links? Still from the news portal?

If the links are mainly from guestbooks, blog comments, etc., the hope of overcoming them is greater. If there are a large number of links from news reports from other websites, I am afraid that limited to SEO technology may not achieve the goal, you may want to consider making news topics, public relations and so on.

Only by investigating all of these situations clearly, you can get an idea of ​​how much time and effort you need to optimize a website. If you are doing SEO services for others, the service fee to be charged is easy to calculate.

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