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Industry analysis: as long as it is better than the opponent

Whether it’s building your own website or giving customers a quote for SEO services, industry analysis has important implications. If the competitor is strong, the price quoted to the customer must be high, otherwise your troubles are behind. If you are standing on your own, try to avoid strong opponents.

Members often find in the forum that the customer asks for a certain keyword, how many tens of thousands of search results, how much should be quoted?

To properly determine the SEO price, it is not enough to see how many results are found on the search page. The number of competitors in the search results is just one of the industry analysis.

For example, searching for ” Zhongxin Network Technology ” in Google results in 17 million. Looking at the number of this search result, you may think that this is a very competitive word, but in fact there is no competition word, you can get to the first place without any optimization.

What are the aspects of industry analysis for SEO?

Looking at the optimization of the top 20 competitors’ pages?

Has it been SEO optimized ? It can still be reflected on the webpage. There are a lot of pages to know that it is purely a designer, and I don’t know anything about SEO. Such as the page title is all the same, the URL has a lot of parameters and so on.

So check to see if your target keywords are ranked in the top 10-20 sites for optimization. How about the level of optimization? Looking at the use of H1 on the page, the layout of keywords in the text of the page, the layout of the site, the arrangement and flow of internal links, you should be able to get an idea of ​​whether the opponent has been optimized.

Look at the auction rankings

The number of pages in natural search results, as mentioned above, is not sufficient to illustrate the degree of competition. However, the number of opponents appearing in the auction ranking is often more indicative of the degree of competition. The keywords with more bidding rankings are inevitably higher in commerciality, and there will be more competitors.

If possible, open a Google AdWords or Baidu promotion account and see the price you need to pay for the auction. What appears in the auction advertisements are competitors who are willing to make money, not accidentally or lucky enough to appear there.

Basic situation of the website

Including the inclusion of the website and some basic data of the website, such as the domain registration time, the PR value, the number of pages of the website in Google Baidu and other search engines, the number of bookmarked websites such as, the Alexa ranking, the website Activity (view Google Baidu and other snapshot dates), in the important directory such as open directory, Yahoo directory inclusion.

Competitor external link composition

We recommend using Yahoo! Search backlinks.

Looking at the top industry competitors, how many external links are there? How many external links are there? How many links are from .edu and .gov? Looking at the external links mainly from where? Is it a friendship link? Still a news website? Or is it a research institution such as a university? Or the rubbish in the forum blog?

After doing these four aspects of analysis, you can probably understand the difficulty of getting the site to the front. All you have to do is be a little better than your competitors. This kind of good is not a single item of data, but the overall level.

If the top 10 competitors are mostly old domain names, and there are many web pages, natural optimization, and many external links from news portals, universities, and governments, then the price you want to report will be much higher, otherwise it will not be worth the candle. (assuming you didn’t plan to send them in bulk.)

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