If Google continues to lead for 5 years, the keyword ranking will die

This situation is probably coming to an end. I estimate that if Google leads the global search engine market for another five years, keyword rankings and traditional SEO are dying.

Google hasn’t been idle for a few years, although ordinary users don’t see much earth-shaking changes. But in fact, Google search is now very different from previous years. The result is that traditional SEO is almost meaningless, especially in two aspects.

First, the current SEO has to put the line of sight on more media, not limited to text pages. Second, each user sees different search results, completely dispelling the foundation of traditional SEO.

I wrote an integrated search more than a year ago. Now integrated search is already the trend of the times, and there are more and more types of content appearing in search results. Blogs, news, videos, pictures, books, etc. often appear on search results pages, and the click-through rate is higher than ordinary pages because The typographic format makes multimedia content more prominent.

The content of these websites is often not controlled by traditional SEO. In the past, Ishihashi had applied to enter the Google news source, but was rejected because the stone was not a formal organization. This is not the case for us who have done SEO.

Pictures and video results can attract a lot of traffic, but it is not done by SEO staff.

The more integrated search results, the lower the proportion of traditional text page keyword rankings.

Even worse, the search results seen by different users are getting different. Previously, localized search results were provided based on the user’s IP address.I searched for “banks” in Singapore, and the bank in front of them was Singapore Bank. The US user search, in front of the Bank of America. This is very user-friendly, so it won’t go away.

Later, with personalized search, Google recorded and judged each user’s search history, and then gave different search results. SearchWiki was launched a few days ago, allowing users to remove specific pages from the results and reorder the results. I don’t know what new mechanism of personalized search will be introduced in the future.

As a result, the search results that SEO personnel see themselves are not the same as those seen by other users. Company bosses, customers, and other website users search for the same keyword and get different results. There is no fixed ranking. How do you do this keyword ranking?

So in the long run, SEO is bound to break away from simple keyword rankings and pay more attention to how to make a website that is useful to users.

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