I was ignorant of my first visit to the Alibaba website

Although I have long known Alibaba’s reputation, knowing the status of Alibaba’s e-commerce in China, I often see Alibaba’s advertisements in search engines, whether searching for Chinese words or English words. But today I went to see Alibaba’s website for the first time.

Many people say that Alibaba’s SEO is doing very well and ranking very strong. I also often see that Alibaba.com ranks well in many product searches, so be curious to check it out. But without looking at anything about SEO, it took three or four hours to browse through their products and vendors.

The number of providers in the Alibaba database, the diversity of products makes me very touched, this is a gold mine. Products from mechanical equipment to the needle line brain, the north and south of the river, all kinds of things.

Recently, I have been recommending everyone to do their own e-commerce website. The problem of supply has been solved by Alibaba. I don’t have to worry about it. No matter which city you are in, which company you are interested in, and what the target price is, it seems that you can find a supplier in Alibaba.

I haven’t looked at it more carefully. I don’t know how to choose a stable and reliable supplier on the Alibaba website, and I haven’t had time to compare prices. However, the chances of finding the right product from such a huge database are very high.

No matter which city you live in, whether you open a real shop or open an online store, you can find a source of goods across the country through the Alibaba website. It is not difficult to get things from Guangzhou to Beijing and Shanghai to Xi’an.

Another feeling is that so many businesses rely on Alibaba’s existing huge traffic, which is somewhat deformed.

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