How to query backlinks?

There are many ways to check the backlinks, mainly through the search engine to check, of course, there are some software tools to automatically query, but also send queries to the search engine. Let’s compare the backlink queries of several major search engines.


The number of backlinks given by Google is the least useful and can basically be ignored. Google itself said that the number of backlinks is inaccurate, and the updated timeline is only known to them, and the order of the backlink pages listed is not regular. So any work that requires backlinks should not be subject to Google backlink queries.

The backlinks that Google returned a year or two ago were all pages above PR4, but the backlinks that Google returned recently have basically no rules. The importance of the page, the PR value, are not regular, and only a small part of the backlink that actually exists is returned.

But anyway, if you need to query, the instructions should be


The number of backlinks returned by MSN is relatively more accurate than Google’s, but it’s basically not very useful. Like all other Microsoft products, there are constant upgrades. Although not accurate, it still has some reference value.

At the same time, the reverse link order listed by MSN is basically arranged according to the importance of these backlinks. This trend is even more pronounced if you look at the top 100 backlinks and the 100th to 200th backlinks.



The back link for this specified URL is displayed.


The back link to the entire domain name is returned.

You can also use


This command gives you a link to another domain name or website link to your domain name, and deletes your website’s own internal links.


The backlink data given by Yahoo is the most accurate. There is currently no Yahoo data, so there is basically no way to judge the real situation of the backlink. Although the data given by Yahoo is not necessarily perfect, most of the work related to backlinks is the most direct.

Backlinks listed by Yahoo are also ranked by the importance of backlink pages.

The instructions are link: and linkdomain:

Like MSN, these two instructions give links to the specified URL and the entire domain name.

Linkdomain: -site:

Given all links from other domains after removing the internal link.


Baidu does not have a backlink query command. I don’t know much about the return status of Chinese search engines such as Baidu. I welcome readers who know it.

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