How to optimize the ranking of websites in different countries

Google often gives different search results depending on the site itself and the location of the user. Many search terms are more distinctive, such as French travel, Chicago hotels, etc. There are also a lot of words that are not strongly regional at first glance, and returning localized results is more beneficial to the user experience. For example, searching restaurants, banks, if I search in Singapore, most of the time I want to see Singapore’s local restaurants, banks, not the United States, even if I search on

This makes it necessary to optimize the rankings in different countries for websites targeting global target customers. There are several factors that affect the ranking of websites in different countries.

Host location

The placement of the website server in Singapore means that the website is more likely to be about Singapore or for Singaporeans. Than when a user from Singapore’s IP address searches, the site is more likely to be listed in front of the search results. And if the host is in Europe, it may not have this advantage.

Domain name

The logic of the location of the host is the same, and the domain name of the local country means that the site is more specific to the country. . faces Chinese users, faces Singapore, faces the UK.

This is a strategy that many large companies often have to use when they want to improve their rankings in different countries. Register different local websites for different countries and build different websites.

You can also use subdomains to make websites in different countries, and the server is placed in the target country.

Local directory inclusion

There are a lot of website directories and online yellow pages with distinctive localization features on the Internet. Try to include the website in the local yellow pages of the target user country. The search engine can determine where the target users of this website are. This is a very strong signal.

Google Local and Google Maps

Google also has Google Local (local) and Google Maps (map) features that allow websites to submit company addresses. Moreover, this local data needs to be verified by the user. For example, if the website is submitted in Singapore, it can be verified by SMS or even verified by phone.

Login to google local’s website is obviously strongly regional.

Website contact

The contact address, telephone area code, and postal code on the website will be included in the search engine, which is convenient for judging the location of the website and the user group. Of course, the complete contact method is also an important way to increase user trust.

External link

To increase your ranking in a country, try to find external links to websites from this country. If your online Neighbors are all Singapore websites, you are naturally more likely to be a Singapore website.

Text and spelling

For English-language websites (and possibly other texts), different countries have different vocabulary usage and spelling. For example, the full name of SEO is different in English and American spelling. The search engine optimization is obviously a US website, and the search engine optimization is probably a British website. There are still many words in English and American spelling in English.

Moreover, the words and expressions used by the same thing in the United Kingdom and the United States are often different, which helps the search engine to judge the local characteristics of the website.

Nowadays, many Chinese companies are expanding their markets overseas. When they are doing foreign language website SEO, they have to consider the localization of search and the problem of ranking optimization for different countries.

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