How to make a trusted domain name?

In addition to the domain name history we can’t do anything, links and content are all we can work hard. However, to make a domain name trusted by users and search engines, there is no shortcut, only to do the content. Readers who read the title and want to find tips and shortcuts may be disappointed. As far as I can see, the only way to do it is to do it.

I often see people asking in the forum, how can the rankings not be done? How can we compete with big website big brands? According to the current Google algorithm (I believe Baidu Yahoo also considers the domain trust factor), the new website does not have the opportunity to compete with the old website, the big website, and the highly trusted website.

But this does not mean that there will never be an opportunity. What the stationmaster has to do is to insist on originality and insist on providing content that is beneficial to the user. Perseverance will have an effect.

Sometimes I see a friend asking, I have been standing for a few months, why is the ranking still not going up? I really don’t know what to say. If it is a small word of competition, it may be that there is a problem with the station. If it is an industry with weak competition, ask yourself why should a website for a few months be ranked first?

Every station starts from a young age. My SEO is posted every day . Although it is a small station, I feel that there is a certain degree of domain trust in the field of SEO. Some words related to SEO can always find some posts on my blog in the search engine. And in addition to internal links, these posts are not deliberately optimized. Today’s domain name has a certain degree of trust, brought by 400 original posts in two years. In addition to posting an earthquake post a few days ago, each of the other articles is absolutely original that I have worked hard to write.

The same is true for point stones.

Adhere to originality and persist in accumulation. After a period, the website will have a qualitative leap. Or, to put it another way, the rich are richer and the poorer are poorer. With trust, the inner pages are easier to get ranked, more people are seen, more links are obtained, and trust is higher.

This is the same as in life. It has been spoken by the authoritative authority and speaks with unknown people. The effect is different, although it may be exactly the same sentence. I have tried to speak with other accounts in the Point Stone Forum. The effect is different from the one used in my own account. (I have a vest at the point stone, haha! 🙂)

Domain trust is not from the very beginning, it is slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Remember this sentence, to be a truly trusted website, there is no shortcut, only spend time hard to do content. The time spent is not on a monthly basis, but on an annual basis.

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