How to improve website conversion rate and let viewers take out wallets?

Most people go online to find information, not to buy things. Those who are very clear about buying things online are naturally more than a few. Comparing performance prices on a website is much more convenient than shopping in real life.

Therefore, there is no inevitable causal relationship between traffic and sales. E-commerce sites have to work hard to increase conversion rates and guide viewers to become customers. This process of guiding the viewer to take out the wallet is carefully designed and cannot be viewed by the viewer himself.

There are several aspects to be aware of.

Is the website slogan attractive?

The viewer comes to your website and you only have a few seconds to attract him to stay on your website. At this time, the slogan of the website is the most important means to attract him to continue watching.

There are too many websites to go in and look at it like a portal, not knowing where the most special places are. The website slogan needs to be on the front page, the large special colour font, and the first time the viewer can see it at a glance. The content of the slogan should be within 20 words. In one sentence, it is clear why the viewer must continue to look at your website. It is best to achieve such a psychological effect. If he does not look down, he will regret it later.

Inducing viewers to take action

As mentioned earlier, your website must have a clear goal, which is what you want the viewer to do. The goal may also be to put the goods in the shopping cart, or to leave an email, or pick up the phone.

The actions you want the viewer to take must be visible to the viewer. If you want the customer to put the goods into the shopping cart, then the button that is placed in the shopping cart is large enough to be clear enough. If you want the viewer to pick up the phone, don’t hide the phone number.

There is a word in English that describes this process, called call to action, and I haven’t thought about how to translate Chinese.

The purchase process must be convenient

Most e-commerce sites use shopping carts designed by third parties. When choosing a shopping cart program, the convenience of the shopping process is one of the conditions to be carefully considered. For example, can you allow the viewer to put the goods into the shopping cart before logging in, or do you need to leave the customer information first? If you need to leave customer information first, many people may give up.

The same applies to other linked websites. The actions you want your customers to take must be as simple as possible. If you want your customers to register for an e-magazine, just leave an email or a name, and don’t ask the user to work on the phone. The more questions you ask, the fewer people you sign up.

A few months ago, Singapore’s New Media TV launched a classified advertising website. In the past few months, bombing in TV commercials has cost more than a few million dollars. Looked at this site, feel should be on site to run, network marketing have no idea who orchestrated. Each page reads: “It’s easy to post classified ads on our website, just follow the ten steps below.” It’s a bit of a joke. Even if you really need ten steps, you can’t write it like this. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are simple. Can ten steps be simple?

As much as possible information

One of the advantages of shopping on the website is that users can slowly view the details at their own convenience. Therefore, the webmaster should put as much product and service information as possible on the website. If the user can find the answer to each question on the website, if there is any doubt, you have already solved it first, which will reduce the resistance of the purchase.

Don’t let the user know the details in order to save trouble, please contact us. Many people will not contact you. Shopping on the website, the map is convenient.

Persuasive copywriting

On the website, you have to rely on text content to convince viewers to buy things. The user can’t see how long you are, how honest you are, and everything is reflected in the text. Good copywriting is a big headline, and then write a post to discuss.

Eliminate purchase risk

One of the resistances to all shopping, whether online or offline, is the risk of buying. Consumers will be afraid of being cheated, they will be afraid that the quality is too bad, they will be afraid that the product is not suitable for returning too much trouble, and they will be afraid that the wife will not be satisfied after buying it, and so on.

How to transfer the risk of purchase from the customer to yourself is a serious consideration. This is even truer on the website, because users don’t trust you.

The best way to eliminate risk is an unconditional refund. As long as the customer wants to return the goods, don’t ask any questions, and refund them immediately and unconditionally. Don’t try to set obstacles, don’t talk coldly, don’t say we can improve. Refund first, then ask what needs improvement.

Of course, you have to write this unconditional money back guarantee on the website to make sure that users can see it. And to be executed.

I haven’t sold anything on the Chinese website yet, I don’t know the percentage of requests for refunds. On my English e-book site, the percentage of requests for refunds is less than 5%. It’s important to know that e-books require a refund to be the easiest and most cost-effective. You don’t have to ship the goods back, the book can still be kept, but it is rare to be greedy.

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