How to choose the right keywords

The choice of keywords should be started before the website design begins. If the keywords are not properly selected, the consequences can be catastrophic. Maybe the keywords you choose are rarely searched, so your rankings are higher and the traffic is not too big. Keyword selection may affect the writing of your entire website, and correcting it is not a trivial matter.

Today I mainly talk about the main principles of choosing the right keywords.

Keywords should not be too broad

I have met too many customers who want to target keywords that are too broad. For example, a real estate company, he wants to optimize the word for real estate. The company that advertises wants to optimize the word for advertising. To be sure, you can basically forget about this keyword.

Too much keyword competition is too great. If you want to rank in the top ten or top 20 in real estate, advertising, travel, etc., you have to spend too much. Not tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, but millions of dollars.

Even if you are ahead, the purpose of users searching for such words is unclear. Searching for real estate, is his purpose to buy a house? That can be hard to tell! Therefore, the traffic caused by this kind of word is very poorly targeted, and the possibility of converting into an order is also very low. Therefore, such a wide-ranging keyword is relatively inefficient.

The selected keywords should be more specific and targeted.

The main keywords are not suitable for too long and too special

Your home page should of course target the more popular keywords in this industry (note: it should not be too broad as mentioned above). In order to attract the most potential users, the most important keywords to target your website should not be too small. For example, the main keyword of our English website is Singapore web hosting. We are not aiming at web hosting, but we are not going to target Singapore cheap web hosting.

A lot of SEO companies play a trick on this point, they guarantee the ranking, but the guarantee is a huge word.

Don’t use your company name as the main keyword, no one will search for your company name.

Thinking from the perspective of the user

Website operator designers are too familiar with their own industry and their own products. When choosing keywords, it is easy to take it for granted that some keywords are searched by users, but the real way of thinking about users is not necessarily the same as that of businesses.

For example, some technical words, ordinary customers may be very unfamiliar, and will not use it to search, but those who sell products think these words are very important.

So when choosing keywords, you should do some research, such as asking relatives and friends outside the company, if you want to search for such products, what words they will use to search.

Choose the keywords that are searched the most and the least competitive

The most efficient keywords are those that have the fewest competing pages and are most searched by users. Some keywords are likely to compete for a lot of web pages, so the cost of benefit is very low, it takes a lot of money and energy to get to the front, but there are not many people who actually search for the word.

So you should do a detailed survey and list the best-performing keywords after combining the two.

Related to your website

The popular practice in previous years is to target some popular words that are not very relevant to what you sell, such as sex, etc., and hope to attract the most users. There are also many people doing this now.

This is a very outdated approach. The goal is to be on these words, basically only used as a drawback ,then your website may be penalized and blocked at any time. Users who search from this word are not interested in your product. If you look at your website and leave, what is the use of traffic but no sales?

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