How smart is the search engine?

People who use black hat SEO have more or less the assumption that the search engine is not smart. In the post of how the search engine judged spam in the past few days, some readers thought that I was quick to say that the search engine was a god.

I think a lot of people will have this kind of idea, the reason is very simple, the search results contain a lot of cheating websites, spam sites. If the search engine is really smart, how can these sites rank well?

How smart about search engines, talk about your ideas today.

First of all, from the common sense, most of the engineers inside the main search engine are doctoral masters, and the graduates of famous schools should be very many. When I was in high school and college, the mathematics and physics were also good. But I asked myself, can I easily take the Ph.D. program in the Department of Physics or Computer Science at Tsinghua University? Objectively speaking, it is enough. My score for the college entrance examination was enough for Tsinghua’s score, but I didn’t report it to Tsinghua. At that time, I first reported the volunteers and the exams. When you volunteer, how do you know how to do it? I heard that it is the first test after the exam?

In any case, judging from the four-year life of the university, the possibility of continuing to graduate students in science and engineering is negligible. High numbers, probability theory, electromagnetic fields… make people faint. Those who can get into the exam and can complete the doctoral and master’s degree in science and engineering are undoubtedly smarter than me. I think they are also smarter than most people.

Many people inside the search engine, I believe they also have their own website. They are the webmasters themselves, knowing that people who do websites will have some ins and outs. I don’t know if the search engine has rules for engineers who master the algorithm to prohibit it from running its own website, otherwise it is unfair. But I think even if there is such a rule, it is estimated that many people have already been doing websites before participating in search engine companies.

Some black hat techniques are not difficult to understand. People like Matt Cutts communicate with the webmaster community all day and participate in all search engine conferences. Google has always encouraged users to report spam. In various forums related to SEO and webmasters, I believe that people who also have search engines are undercover. Includes black hat forums and buy and sell link networks that are paid for.

I think 99.9% of the black hats that people who do our website can think of, the search engine knows. The remaining 0.1% should be a very clever alternative. I am afraid that people who are smart enough will not see my blog.

So I have always believed that you can’t assume that search engines don’t know the little tricks that black hats play. They definitely know. The question is how to accurately distinguish black hat techniques by algorithm? How to take action to punish the removal of these spam sites without hurting them? This is the difficulty.

There are several computer-based artificial intelligence that can be compared to human intelligence. Intelligence based on memory and massive statistics, in this respect the algorithm has far surpassed human capabilities. Artificial intelligence based on logical reasoning is roughly equal to the human brain. Artificial intelligence based on emotional and image thinking is still not comparable to the human brain.

Because of this, computers can compete with the highest hand in humans in chess. However, in the aspect of Go, it has not yet reached this level, because Go has a very mysterious thing. Based on the so-called shape, the master can intuitively judge the situation and the quality of a certain piece of chess without the need for calculation.

Part of the identification of junk means is based on a large amount of data, such as the link mode. But there are also some that involve emotional and emotional aspects, such as whether a spam message is sentimentally, or is it pure rubbish? Compared with real people, the judgment of the machine is probably still a gap.

In my opinion, all black hat tactics, search engines know. The reason why search engines can’t completely eliminate such spam sites is that they haven’t found a way to not hurt them. But not dealing with it today does not necessarily mean not handling it in the future.

We have been wondering how search engines judge paid links, which is almost impossible. But from the processing of paid links by Google in recent months, they started to work. The treatment is not as straightforward as we think. It seems that there is no direct punishment for the website that buys and sells links. Instead, the PR value of the website that sells the links is reduced or even zeroed, thus destroying the large-scale link trading industry.

The same is true for other rubbish methods.

People who do websites, especially those who do SEO, must have such a bottom line. That is, my flower search engine knows that if you want to take risks, you must be mentally prepared. If you are not found to be a good life, you should be found not to blame others. Don’t pretend to be innocent.

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