How much has SEO technology changed in the past 10 years?

A friend contacted me and expressed disagreement with this point of view. So write a post and talk about my thoughts.

Indeed, if you focus on SEO industry news and trends, you often see new algorithms on the search engine, SEO found out what new optimization methods, or what methods have failed, such as:

  • Google’s early big dad update , big brand promotion algorithm , recent panda update , penguin update , hummingbird algorithm , owl update , local algorithm pigeon update, RankBrain algorithm, day robbery update , first screen update, Payday update, mobile page bomb Window penalty, last month’s Fred update, etc.
  • Baidu’s pomegranate algorithm , green 箩 algorithm , blue sky algorithm, ice bucket algorithm, Skynet algorithm, Spark plan, etc.
  • Not only the sale and purchase of links has become a target, but the recommended exchange links, guest blogs, news releases, forum blog messages, free blog platform accounts, gadgets, CMS templates, copyright retention, etc. have become very risky link construction methods.
  • Transfer to mobile search represented by Baidu MIP and Google AMP
  • Every day in the SEO Industry Forum, there are guaranteed new posts with “Recent Baidu/Google rankings change a lot”
  • SEO blogs, forums, and public accounts are guaranteed every day with the feeling that “SEO is getting worse.”
  • Baidu clicker is not good, Baidu is coming up again.
  • Sprocket, black chain, station group, send data packet, spider pool, pseudo-original, malicious pan-domain name resolution, brush related search, brush Baidu weight, etc. Concepts and methods dazzled

At first glance, the SEO industry is very lively and changing very quickly. If you don’t look at industry news for a few months, you may feel like you are out. I was often asked by me. The first edition of SEO Combat Password was written in 2010. The latter two editions have not changed much in the main structure. Is the content inside outdated? It is also often seen in the forum that some people think that the book written a year or two ago is outdated. In fact, in the SEO industry, don’t say that one or two years, that is, what was written 11 or 2 years ago is not outdated and still applies.

Again, the SEO approach hasn’t changed much over the past 10 years.

SEO technology has not changed in the past 10 years

This is not consistent with many people’s ideas, or feelings. I should write a series of “Sexual SEO Perspectives”, this post is the first.

The real SEO is nothing more than doing these three things:

  • High quality content to meet user needs
  • Search engine friendly structure that enables search engines to crawl and parse content
  • Good user experience

It’s that simple. This was the case more than 10 years ago, and it is still the case. More than 500 pages of “SEO Actual Combat Password” can be condensed into the above three sentences. Of course, if you want to do these three things, you still have to read more than 500 pages of books. Search engines are constantly introducing algorithm updates, nothing more than finding websites that meet these three points more accurately.

It should be said that the black hat SEO method has changed, some methods are useless, and some people try other methods. But those outdated black hat methods are actually based on “cheat”, and none of them are really in order to do the three requirements mentioned above. Think about it, what station group, pseudo-original, spider pool, etc., which is to meet user needs?

Some methods may not be black hats at first glance, but they are gradually no longer used. For example, the above-mentioned exchange links, guest blogs, CMS templates, etc. are used to build links, and it is not straightforward to do these three points. However, in order to create an external chain, it gradually becomes ineffective and can be understood. The real chain construction is still based on high quality content.

In recent years, the biggest thing that can be said to change is mobile SEO , but mobile optimization is actually a user experience – allowing mobile phone users to view the page normally.

So, in the face of so many new ideas and new methods, don’t really think that new ones are useful. The real use has not changed for more than 10 years.

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