How does Web2.0 become money?

There are quite a few Web2.0 websites, and many people are considering the profit model of Web2.0.How does Web2.0 make money?

Many Web 2.0 sites focus on attracting users, expanding content, and then considering profitability.

Most of the outlets will be two, one is to be acquired by a large company, and the other is to sell advertisements.

However, I think that users of Web 2.0 are often on these websites. They are more immune to advertisements than casual visitors, and their click-through rates and effects are probably lower.

I think that friends who are doing Web 2.0 should consider the new way of profit, that is, let the website content itself carry money.

Google acquired YouTube a few days ago. So far, YouTube’s profit is still supported by advertising, but I guess Google’s plan doesn’t stop there.

How to make information and content itself carry money? The easiest way to add a video ad to the middle or end of each video clip is fine. The ad click rate on the page may be low, but the ads in the video you have to watch. In this way, the videos themselves carry money.

Google’s development of video and audio ads should not be unplanned.

There are two better examples of domestic websites.

One is K68 ,users can post design tasks and designers bid. This website is in my opinion, the content itself carries money. It does not rely on the designer to send classified information, not to advertise on the webpage, but the design tasks themselves have a fee transaction. Very optimistic about this form.

Another example is the distribution network. Drivers who are transporting can post their own time on the website. Users who need to ship goods can look for these drivers, and drivers who want to post this information must pay from the beginning. Membership fee.

Both Web 2.0 sites let the content itself carry money, rather than clicking on the ad through the user.

In contrast, another very popular Web2.0 website, I like this form very much, but I feel that if I want to further develop, I can’t just rely on the links of book stores such as Dangdang, Excellence, etc. This kind of link is still advertising.

As for how to let the information itself carry money, people who do websites must use their brains and expand their thinking.

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