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The logical structure of the website should be consistent with the physical structure of the tree, that is, the divergence from the front page to the end, but unlike the physical structure, each channel and content page should be linked back to the home page to aggravate The weight of the home page. The weight of the entire website is pyramidal.

It is easy to understand that the link text description of different channels in the navigation should accurately describe the content of the column.

However, I feel that in most websites, the text of the link back to the homepage is basically “homepage”, “Home” and the like, there is not much meaning, does that greatly reduce the effect of the chain back to the homepage? However, if you change the relevant keywords, you may not use the user experience. I am more confused about this. I hope that Zac Brother can take the time to answer, thank you. .

This is a problem that most websites will encounter and are not optimized, so please answer them in detail in the blog.

Indeed, as this friend said, using the “home page”, “Home” and the like to do the anchor text link back to the home page, failed to make full use of the anchor text on the role of SEO. Internal link anchor text is not as effective as external links, but it is counted by the search engine in the ranking algorithm, because this is the subject of the website itself telling the search engine.

Especially for some large websites, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of internal links and appropriate anchor texts have a significant effect on the ranking of homepage keywords.

To resolve this contradiction, consider the following methods.

1) In the non-main navigation part of the website, use the keyword to make the anchor text link to the home page, such as the name of the website in the copyright notice. For an example, please see the copyright notice at the bottom of the online marketing password reader exchange website. The default setting of UC Home is not like this. The link to the website name next to the copyright notice is changed.

If you pay attention, you will find that many websites connect to the homepage with keywords in other places without affecting the top main navigation.

2) Some people think that the first occurrence of the link in the page html code has the greatest impact, and usually the first link back to the home page is the main navigation in the upper left corner, so use keywords such as “Home”, “Home” Doing anchor text is a requirement for many websites.

In fact, through the layout of the page and the use of CSS, the main navigation link can be pushed to the back of the page code, and the homepage link of the left navigation or the bottom navigation can be raised to the front of the HTML code, but the visual layout is still the main navigation. The link that uses “Home” as the anchor text appears in the top left corner.

3) If the second method is difficult to implement, you can also optimize the ALT text used in the top left corner of the website logo to include the main homepage keywords.

Usually the website logo should be in the top left corner, and it is more advanced in the code than the main navigation. The image ALT text is roughly equivalent to the anchor text effect of the text link.

These simple methods can properly optimize the relevance of the home page link.

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