Health refers to a person in physical terms, etc., Mental and social are in good condition. Health includes two aspects: First, the main organs have no disease, the body shape is well-developed, the body shape is uniform, the human body system has good physiological functions, and has strong physical activity and labour’s ability, which is the most basic of health. The second requirement is strong resistance to disease, ability to adapt to environmental changes, various physiological stimuli and the role of pathogenic factors in the body. The traditional concept of health is “no disease is health”, modern people’s health concept is overall health, the World Health Organization puts forward that “health is not only the body without disease, but also has mental health, social adaptation and morality.” Therefore, the health content of modern people includes: physical health, mental health, mental health, social health, intellectual health, moral health, environmental health and so on. Health is the basic right of the people. Health is the first wealth of life.


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