Google Vince algorithm update: big brand rankings improved

This post did not cause much response. However, it is worth noting that administrator Tedster and several moderators are very concerned about this post and added a lot of ideas and details.

On February 25th, the famous Aaron Wall posted a post on his blog titled ” Google’s new algorithm gives the brand a high weight .” Aaron Wall also cited several examples in the post, including airline tickets, car insurance, boots, weight loss, health insurance, online degrees, watches and more.

According to Aaron Wall’s track record, among the top 10 industry-wide words, there were a lot of big brand companies’ websites suddenly appearing around January 18. For example, when searching for “tickets,” American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, and Continental Airlines appeared. These big brand websites used to be ranked lower in the past, and now suddenly rank in the top ten at the same time.

It should be noted that the results of my search in Singapore are not the same. Perhaps the new algorithm has not yet expanded beyond the United States, perhaps the role of the results of the internalization. Chinese search does not seem to have this phenomenon yet. But this trend is definitely worth noting, and will expand to other languages ​​and regions sooner or later.

After Aaron Wall’s post was published, this trend was widely watched and discussed. However, there is currently no official confirmation from Google. Matt Cutts acknowledged in Sphinn’s discussion that there have been some algorithmic changes recently, but this change is one of many normal corrections that Google does every year, and it’s not a big update. Matt Cutts took a video and it will be announced in the next few days. Let us wait and see.

Give more weight to big brands, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has given some hints. In October last year, Eric Schmidt said at an industry conference, journalists and magazine executives who were present that the Internet is becoming a sump filled with false information, and brands are an increasingly important signal for judging trusted content. . Brand is the solution, it is to solve the direction of this sump.

It stands to reason that big brands, big company websites do rank much easier than small websites. However, this algorithm correction is different from the domain name weight increase, but the response of the offline brand power in the search.

So the biggest question mark now is how does Google judge and identify the so-called offline brands to give higher rankings?

Another way to say this question is, how can SEO use this latest trend to improve its website ranking?

Discuss it tomorrow.

Update: Later Google confirmed that the name of this update is Vince Update.

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