Google ranking optimization Bible (2)

g) Export link

Adding keywords to the link text in one or two high-ranking websites on each page(this is important for the future).

h) Cross-links within the website

Refers to links within the same website. High quality content is linked to each other within your website. If a web page is about food, then you should make sure that this page links to pages about apples and vegetables. Especially for Google, mutual links based on common content are very important to share PR within your website.

What you want is not an all-star page that eclipses other pages. What you need is 50 pages that attract one visitor per day, rather than a page that attracts 50 visitors a day. If you find that there is a page in your website that is really a page that attracts most traffic, then you should spread the PR value of this page to other pages by cross-linking. This is a bit like sharing the wealth as the old saying goes.

i) Opening the website

It is best not to use a virtual host. It is best to use your own separate IP address. Make sure your site is indexed by search engine spiders. All pages should be linked to other pages on your site. All pages should be no more than two clicks from the home page. All content pages should also be linked back to the home page. A menu system that exists on all pages should be linked to the main part of your website.

Don’t open it until you’ve finished a high quality website. Opening a bad website is worse than not opening a website. What you want is a good website from the beginning.

Apply to log in to the open directory, and if you have a budget, apply to Yahoo and other paid directories. If you don’t have a budget, you can try Yahoo’s free submission, but don’t expect too much.

j) Website submission

Submit the homepage to a search engine like Google, and forget about it for the next six months. That’s right, submit, then forget about it.

k) Recording and tracking

Use a high quality log analysis software that records the source of visitors. If your hosting provider does not provide a source of visitors, you should use another hosting provider.

l) observe the spider

Watch spiders from search engines and make sure spiders are crawling your entire site. If not, you should check all of your link systems to make sure the spider can find your entire website. Don’t be afraid if your search engine needs to retrieve your website twice. For many search engines, it can take up to six months to discover and crawl your site.

m) thematic catalogue

Almost every industry has its own authoritative catalogue, which is submitted to these categories.

n) link

Go to the open version of the Google version to see the industry in which your site is located, find sites that can exchange links for free, and ask for links to those sites. Select a piece of content on the topical page as the chained text. If the webmasters of those sites are not willing to exchange links with you, nothing else, continue to the next one. Every day I exchange links with a new website, and a very short, personalized email is enough. If a website doesn’t want to link to you, don’t take it seriously—in fact, one day they will.

o) Content

One page of high quality content pages every day . Effective and topical articles are always the best. To avoid too many blog-type personalizations, you should write more articles of the type that ordinary viewers are willing to see.

Improve your writing skills, learn the writing style that suits the online crowd, multi-segmentation, short sentences, and fast reading. Most website visitors are not reading, but browsing. This is why short articles are important. If you see a large article that is not segmented, many people will immediately press the return button.

People don’t waste 15 seconds to understand how your whistling menu system works. Putting a flash menu system on the website of a large company does not mean that you must do the same.

Use the title, use bold to emphasize the focus, and also logically split.

p) secret weapon

From the so-called secret weapon, or something that is useful today will be useless tomorrow. Don’t use anything that looks like junk, anything unethical, or anything close to cheating .

q) Export link

When you receive a request to exchange links, you should carefully check the other party’s website, and don’t link back easily. Check their website through Google and see their PR values. Do not link to problematic sites and low quality sites. Make sure the other website is similar to yours and is in the same industry.

Google Ranking Bible (3)

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