Google Notebook and Google rankings

Very easy to use, can save text, pictures, web pages, etc. It is really a convenient notebook and can be used anywhere. The disillusioned blog has a more detailed instructions for use

Additional points:

1) The content of Google Notebook is stored on the Google server, not on your computer, and some private things do not exist in Google Notebook.

2) Google Notebook content can be categorized and can be dragged to different categories.

3) You can arbitrarily set a category to be public (public, can be shared with others) or private (private).

If you’re interested, check out the public section of my Google Notebook (

Combined with Google Co-op, I strongly feel that Google is trying to collect user information. Compared to Yahoo, mastering user data is a weakness for Google, and Yahoo seems to have 400 million email users. But now Google is catching up with Gmail, Gtalk, Co-op, Notebook, Toolbar, Sitemap, Cookie, Adsense, Analytics, all of which are collecting user information.

These users’ information can first make the advertisement displayed to the user more targeted, and more importantly, the user information will be used as one of the basis for ranking the search results.

I believe that there will soon be a lot of Google Notebook about weight loss, ringtone downloads, loans, making money, and so on.

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