Google bought the link and was arrested

The news was first blown out by Aaron Wall of SEOBook. There were more than 400 paid posts when Google searched for “This post is sponsored by Google” (Chinese means “this post is sponsored by Google”). Of course, the content is how to use Chrome. Class), some posts have links to the Chrome download page without adding NF . In these paid blog posts, there is a video embedding from Youtube. The video also has the words “Sponsored by Google”. Clicking on it is to go to the Chrome download page via JS.

SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan then conducted a more detailed investigationand found that the paid post task was issued by a company called Unruly. It is unclear whether Google is directly involved. The task itself should not require the blog author to link to the Chrome page, just ask for a comment and write it by the way.

But there is no denying that these posts and links are paid. This at least violates Google’s own two quality guidelines. The first is the issue of paid links. The other is to make a lot of spam. Take one of the posts titled “Businesses with the help of Google Chrome” as an example. The content is:

I have a small business and I found that Google is key to my integration into the online community. I spent a lot of money advertising, and my analysis shows that Google still brings the most traffic. This is a problem, so I started investing time on SEO. If SEO is doing well, Google will make your business a step forward. With Google, my voice has spread farther and farther, making me from a pure local business to being able to deal with international clients.

What does this have to do with Chrome? It’s completely  that doesn’t matter. It is Panda that updates the low quality content to be processed.

What should Google do now? Punish the Chrome download page? This loss may be bigger than it is huge. Not punishing? How did the previous comments on paid links explain? Of course, you can also say that this is Unruly, and it has nothing to do with Google – this is just a good excuse for “temporary workers”, haha.

Of course, you can also refuse to admit, not deny, or comment. In a few days, this matter is ignored. Wait and see.

Finally, the company’s communication is very easy to go wrong. It’s very likely that someone in the Chrome department has to promote word of mouth and find Unruly. It feels good. I don’t know the attitude of the search quality department to paid comments and links.

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