Get rid of SEO

These optimization techniques and methods will not change much in a period. The technologies that we can master and the masters of the world are not in the same position.

But the difference between a master and a fan is not in these optimization techniques, but in a higher level of strategic layout and thinking. This is the question to be explored in SEO for SEO.

After mastering the basic optimization technology, if you want to break through the bottleneck, you must jump out of SEO and consider the problem at the height of network marketing and website operation. In the eyes of many people, this content may not be considered by traditional SEO, but to become a real SEO, it is necessary to look at the problem at a higher level.

For example , the impact of social search on SEO, the challenges that personalized search brings to SEO, link bait and deformation, the impact of user experience on ranking, news, hype, event marketing, etc. on SEO, user behaviour patterns, users and websites The interaction, the refinement and expression of the website’s unique selling points, the flow conversion rate, the establishment of online brands, the use of comprehensive methods of network marketing, the mastery of balance and boundaries, and so on.

The framework of these textbooks is already in the mind, but when I tell the truth, when will I even write a pen, I am not sure.

The reason why I wrote this post first is to let more readers understand my overall understanding of SEO. This general understanding can be reflected in the planning of these tutorials.

First of all, you have to have a general understanding of SEO, a comprehensive understanding of the search engine, and an understanding of the working process of SEO, and put it into practice. Then you have to delve into the details, and often the winning things are in very detailed and very easy to ignore. When the general process and technical details become instinct, you need to get rid of SEO technical issues again, and at a higher level re-examine the understanding of SEO and the website.

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