Genetic Testing

By using a gene chip to analyze the human genome, the genetic genes that cause disease can be identified. Cancer , diabetes, etc. are diseases caused by genetic defects. Medical and biological researchers will be able to identify mutated genes that eventually cause cancer and the like within seconds. With a small test solution, doctors can predict the efficacy of the drug on the patient, diagnose the drug’s adverse reactions during the treatment, and identify the bacteria, viruses or other microbes on the spot. The use of gene chips to analyze genetics will result in a diagnosis rate of more than 50% for diabetes after 10 years.
  Genes come from parents and remain unchanged for almost a lifetime, but due to genetic defects, some people are naturally susceptible to certain diseases, which means that the presence of some genotypes in the human body increases the risk of certain diseases. The gene is called a disease susceptibility gene.
  As long as you know the susceptibility genes of diseases in the human body, you can infer which diseases people are prone to. However, how do we know which susceptibility genes we have? This requires the detection of genes.
  How is genetic testing carried out? Using a special sampling rod to scrape off the exfoliated cells from the oral mucosa of the test subject. Through advanced equipment, researchers can obtain DNA samples from the exfoliated cells, and perform DNA sequencing and SNP single-core on these samples. Glycosidic acid polymorphism detection, it is clear that the genetic order of the testee is different from other people. After comparing with the genetic samples of many kinds of diseases that have been discovered, the DNA in the testee can be found. Which diseases are susceptible genes.
  Genetic testing is not the same as medical diagnosis. The genetic test results can tell you how high the risk is, but it does not mean that you have a certain disease, or that you will definitely develop it in the future. .
  Through genetic testing, we can provide personalized health guidance services, personalized medication guidance services and personalized medical examination guidance services. Accurate prevention can be carried out in the years, even decades before the onset of the disease, rather than blind health care; people can effectively adjust dietary nutrition, change lifestyles, increase the frequency of medical examinations, and receive early diagnosis and treatment. Environmental factors that prevent disease from occurring.
  Genetic testing not only tells us in advance how high the risk of disease, but also clearly guides us to use the drug correctly to avoid harm to us. It will change the situation of misuse, ineffective and harmful drugs and blind health care in traditional passive medical care.
  Every year, the world dies of 7.5 million unreasonable drugs. Ranked fourth in the death toll. In China, about 2.5 million patients are hospitalized due to adverse drug reactions, and 200,000 people die directly. About 30,000 children have drug-induced deafness every year in China, and about 50% of the more than 1 million deaf-mute children are drug-induced. Every year, 10,000 people in Shanghai die of taking the wrong medicine.
  Genetic testing is benefiting thousands of families. Genetic testing: it is a safe “savings” for children, an “investment” for themselves, and a longevity “insurance” for parents. One test, benefiting for life.
  In the future, during the physical examination, the diagnostic robot carrying the gene chip will take blood from the subject, and the result of the physical examination can be displayed on the computer screen. With genetic diagnosis, medical care will advance from the era of “mass medical care” to the era of “customized medicine” that varies according to individual genetics.

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