Foreign Trade SEO Strategy

What should foreign trade SEO do? (strategy)

In recent years, more and more foreign trade SEO has been done. The reasons behind it are very complicated and will not be discussed. Today, I will see the situation of my own SEO service customers, and talk about how the foreign trade website SEO should do it.

Most of the English foreign trade websites I have encountered are selling products, and the products range from single software or product small websites to 2B enterprises of different scales to giant 2C e-commerce platforms. There are not many services to sell, and of course there are even very creative and valuable services, but in general they still account for a small number. China is a big country in manufacturing. It has a product capability and few opponents in the world. But the service category requires another skill, and it may take some time for domestic companies to go global. Therefore, the foreign trade SEO mentioned here is mainly based on the website selling products.

Strategic considerations for foreign trade SEO

Let’s talk about strategic considerations today, and have the opportunity to talk about technical details in the future.

SEO’s that are really concerned about English product categories and transactional search results pages should all see an obvious pattern. Most of the top ranked pages are of two types:

  • Vertical field professional shopping website. For example, if you buy a wig, you will see the page. The chances of buying a wedding dress will be,, etc., and the chances of buying a girl’s skirt will see next, zara and other websites.
  • E-commerce giant website. Including Amazon, ebay, Ali, but also traditional offline giants such as macys, walmart, bestbuy, target and so on.

Among them, there are many competitors in the vertical field of professional websites in some industries, such as the clothing industry.

In general, most product searches, vertical professional website rankings are better than e-commerce giants. The overall search traffic, it must be Amazon’s highest, but that is more because Amazon’s category is complete, the scale is huge, the overall ranking is good. Specific to a certain industry products, in most cases, the top is the vertical professional website, and then the integrated e-commerce such as Amazon is behind.

Therefore, in order to obtain SEO traffic in the field of foreign trade, either a professional vertical website or a gap in the query gap that the e-commerce giant does not fully cover is obtained.

The technical problems of SEO can be considered later. The first thing to think about is the strategy. To make these two types of websites, what should the website be like? Or what is the biggest problem to solve?

What is a good vertical professional website?

A picture is worth a thousand words, look at the excellent vertical domain professional website product classification page is what it looks like:

Vertical professional website SEO

Especially pay attention to the look of the first screen:

Vertical professional website first screen

The domestic website style has very significant Chinese characteristics, and most of the foreign trade websites made by domestic foreign trade companies follow this style:

Look at it? It doesn’t have to worry about which website this is, because most of the domestic foreign trade e-commerce website classification pages are like this:

  • The navigation on the left gives further filtering, usually there are hot products below.
  • At the top of the product list is a selection of brands, prices, sorting, display methods, etc.
  • In addition to the product name, the product list itself lists the selling points that may attract users: current price, original price, free shipping, rating, etc.
  • Regardless of the quality of the product image

The above picture is already succinct, and sometimes the choices above the list may be more:

Domestic e-commerce website classification page

The product list itself also contains more information:

Domestic e-commerce website product list

Then look back at the product list page of the foreign vertical professional website:

professional website first screen

Do you feel the difference? Simply put, the optimized classified page is not made according to the product list page. It is done according to the requirements of the landing page. It looks like a page of a magazine, which is simple, beautiful and focused:

  • Substantially high quality maps, or videos
  • Fonts and colours are designed to be tag line
  • Product classification description, note is not placed at the bottom of the page, is at the top
  • Limited sorting options
  • A concise list of products, in addition to pictures, many websites only list product names and prices, even the stars are not

In conclusion, a website with few products must be made into a vertical professional website. The first thing is not to consider the SEO details, but to think about what the website looks like.

What problems should the integrated e-commerce solve first?

As mentioned earlier, in addition to being a vertical professional website, the other way out is to survive in the gap that the integrated e-commerce giant does not cover.

It is a gap, it seems to be very narrow, but it is not so difficult. Although Amazon and ebay are so large and have any products, plus the competition between Ali and Walmart, there are still many query words. The new station has the opportunity to grab the next ranking among these giants. The reason is still the long tail theory, and on the Internet world, the long tail is really too long, the users will search for a wide variety of words, there are always some query words that the giant website can not account for the first two pages, Google had to take some quality temporarily The number of pages is not good, this is the opportunity, and the number is not small.

What are the main problems to be solved in this case? You have to have enough product pages to be included. The length of the long-tailed query is often too small to do keyword research, so it is almost impossible to predict which products can break through the gaps in the giant website. It depends on having enough quantity, plus a little luck, there is always a certain percentage. Page or get ranked.

So in addition to the company really has so many products, what SEO needs to solve is to include:

  • Have a well-designed navigation structure, internal link structure, so that as many product pages as possible to get the crawling path and the most basic inclusion weight
  • In complex navigation systems, it is also necessary to minimize the copying caused by the classification and filtering conditions pages.
  • How to solve the product description content quality? According to the product description provided by the supplier? I am afraid that there are many pages with the same content on the Internet. At this time, UGC, user reviews, data mining, high-quality information aggregation capabilities, and even the use of AI are likely to be core competencies.

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