First aim at the target market and redevelop products

The biggest lesson I have learned, which has also deeply influenced me so far, is to first identify the target market and then consider the product. The mistake that many companies can easily make is to develop a product and then go to the market to solicit opinions and test sales.

This product may be the inspiration of the technical staff of the R&D department, or it may be that the business leader feels that a certain product should be popular. But is it actually the product that the user needs? Only when the product is developed, can it be tested on the market, and sometimes the result is a failure.

In fact, for a small enterprise, or for individuals who want to run an e-commerce website, they should take another path, that is, first find the target market and then develop the product.

First, you should erase the preference for any product. Don’t assume that a certain product will be welcomed, and don’t fall in love with your product for no reason. Although it is your own efforts, other people’s ideas may not be the same as you.

You should start from your own interests, go to the forum, in the newsgroup, and in the blog, what are the people who share your hobbies? What do they need? What are the difficulties? Any anxiety? Which questions are most asked? Write down all these questions and ask yourself: Can I help them solve these problems? If so, is it through a certain product? At this time you have found one of the most promising products.

The specific development of a product may have exceeded the capabilities of individuals or small businesses. But now the world is, it is difficult to target the target market, it is not difficult to find a certain product. In most cases, there may be a certain company in a certain place, just producing the product you want. All you have to do is dig out the product and then provide it to those who need it to solve their problems.

For example, it is also an example of Corey Rudl. He is a racing enthusiast. He often watches forums about cars. The news group found that many people are asking where to buy the sign on the Mercedes-Benz. I believe that many domestic car owners also have such troubles. Bad children all over the world. American Mercedes-Benz owners often find that their signs have been unplugged one day.

There are a lot of people who want to buy this sign, but the company that really sells the car doesn’t bother to sell this little thing, so it’s not good to buy.

So Corey Rudl built a website with only one or two pages dedicated to selling the sign. The source of the goods is actually very simple, just look for the Mercedes-Benz US branch. Another advantage of the accuracy of the target market is that the promotion of the website is also simple, the goal is clear, and it is also possible to post a forum in the forum where the owners gather.

The profit brought by this website is more than 10,000 US dollars per month. After he is built, he will not care, and his father is responsible for checking orders, shipping and so on.

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